Council of Nicea

If you have studied Church History, you most likely have heard of this council. It was formed in 325 AD by Constantine in order to make some major decisions regarding the way they wanted Christianity to emerge. Here the founding doctrines of Christianity are formed, or reformed, if you wish. I have listed below some of the decisions that were made and afterward enforced by this council.

1. Which books would be considered as Scripture

2. The doctrine of the Trinity was defined

3. Passover was canceled for Christians and replaced by Estra (Easter), with all of it’s pagan rituals

4. Sabbath was canceled for Christians and the venerable day of the sun (Sunday) took it’s place

5. Everything that appeared to be Jewish was left behind.

What does this mean for us today? Hopefully we will do some serious study in history from the years 1-325 AD to see how this came about. And additionally, study Scripture itself to see what it has to say about these things.

If you need some help with your study, I highly recommend Jim Staley. He is very humble and well studied. I appreciate the way he does not present something unless he has tested it against Scripture. You can find him on YouTube.

For history, you can look in just about any encyclopedia and Catholic literature, which openly admits that they changed Sabbath to Sunday.

For Scripture study, I used and looked up verse after verse in the original language. I was shocked to learn how many words were mistranslated, changing the entire meaning of passages.

The most powerful question to me is, who is YHVH? If He meant what He said in the original Hebrew Scriptures about testing everything against them, then the Apostolic Scriptures either have to AGREE with the Hebrew Scriptures or they have to go! Think about it. At the time Paul and the others were writing, all they had were the Hebrew Scriptures. So anytime Scripture is mentioned, they are referring to that. Could they then teach against it without penalty from YHVH? If they can, how trustworthy are the Hebrew Scriptures? How trustworthy is a god who changes His mind about His ETERNAL Torah?

All of this is written with utmost love and concern, nothing else. =) Please take it to heart and study!


2 thoughts on “Council of Nicea

  1. mark says:

    So let me ask — Do you believe that keeping the Sabbath is necessary for salvation? B/c the OT is clear about the seriousness of keeping it. Is 56:2,6 & Ex 31:15

    • Kare says:

      Hi Mark, =)

      The Sabbath Commandment is listed along with the other commandments and should be followed as carefully as they are. Just like I would not ever consider murdering someone or committing adultery, I also would not ever consider breaking the Sabbath. I completely agree with you, Mark, Scripture makes it extremely clear how important it is to keep the Sabbath, just like it is clear that we are to keep the other commandments. However, Scripture also teaches that Salvation comes through Yeshua, whose name means Salvation or YHVH is Salvation. This post goes into more detail about the Way of Salvation as I see it presently.

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