What is a Suitable Helpmeet?

Having been only a helpmeet of one man, I can’t answer this question for everyone specifically, but here are some of my thoughts.

I don’t believe it is the same for every marriage – it depends on your man. While one man might be a farmer, he may need his wife to help him out in the fields, have hearty meals ready for him when he comes in and take care of the children. Another man might have his own business where he works at an office in the home or somewhere else. He might need his wife to do his bookkeeping or do some secretarial services for him. A third man might be teacher and need his wife to grade papers for him. Some men work for someone else and just need their wives to keep the home looking homey and make tasty food. Yet another may be in-between jobs and need his wife to help with the income on a temporary basis.

Each man will have different needs. How are you going to know how you can be the best helper to your man? Ask him! =)

Here are a couple of things you might ask…

Honey, when you get home every day, what three things would be the most important to you for me to have done?

  1. dinner in the oven
  2. the house spic and span
  3. Me wearing makeup and with my hair fixed extra special
  4. 20 minutes of time to unwind and recharge before the children come talk to me
  5. Just bring me my slippers and a newspaper and I’ll be fine


Think of more ideas. You know your man. =)

So this is a start. I welcome your feedback. New ideas? Share how you are a helpmeet to your man! =)


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