Baby Goats and Other Things


I have been spending more of my computer time on Facebook these days and realized today that I never posted on here about our new baby goats.  They are now 16 days old and so cute!   There is nothing like watching goat kids romp and play.

I spent some time outside with them today, brushing some of them, checking on Afton, who is due next and letting them outside of the pen to graze for a while.  One of my goals for this year is to purchase a moveable fence so we don’t have to be goatherds every time we let them out. =)  But for now we let them out for about an hour and just spend some time outside while they enjoy browsing in our field.

We are just starting to milk GumDrop.  We did a partial night on Thursday night and tonight we will separate her from her kids for 10 hours (10-8).  I’m guessing we will get about a quart in the morning, and then the kids will nurse all day.

Both of GumDrop’s little doelings were sold in the first week.  She is a very high quality doe and we bred her to our polled buck, so I thought they would go fast.  They are both polled, which is wonderful!  That means I don’t have to disbud!

Here are some pics taken today.

First doeling,  Godiva

Second doeling,  Cookies-n-Cream (aka CC)


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