A Full Life

What constitutes a full life? For me, it means having family all around me, content animals, a joyful heart, walking in obedience to my Father, etc.

Enjoying a day of Sabbath rest… the delicious aroma of a whole chicken in the crock pot, sitting around relaxing, listening to praise music, teaching videos, reading and studying…

We just came in from being goatherds for the 5 boys in our herd. We’ve been trying to let them out to graze on our property every day for an hour or so. Since our acreage is not fenced, and we don’t have a guard dog or donkey, we have to be out there with them in case a neighborhood dog is wandering around and decides to harass them. We do the same for the 6 does (2 of whom are doelings). I find it enjoyable to spend the time outside when it’s my turn and I know it is so nutritious for the goats to eat fresh browse every day!


We also enjoyed video chatting on skype with my brother, sister in law and their children who are 2500 miles away. It’s so wonderful to be able to stay in touch using today’s technology. 🙂

Look at this sweet picture of contentment..


And finally, we’re getting some much needed rain in the form of thunderstorms. There is nothing quite like a good thunderstorm. 🙂 The fresh smell of rain, the rumbling thunder, the cool breeze… it all works together to bring a cozy atmosphere… and maybe a cat nap 🙂


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