A New Fellowship

I am so tickled to announce that we found a new group of believers to fellowship with and it is within a 30 minute drive!  Yay!  We met with them for the first time last night just before Sabbath began and really enjoyed our time together.  It began with the men discussing some things in Scripture which they had questions about, then we had a time of singing and a time of prayer and ended with a video on the fall feasts.  The poll in the car on the way home was unanimous ~ we all liked it very much!  After several months with little outside fellowship, this is WONDERFUL news!  Yay!

Today has been refreshing and relaxing, as Sabbath always is. =)  I am so THANKFUL for Sabbath!  It is such a GIFT!

Someone gave me a book to read earlier in the week and I was looking through it, although I knew ahead of time what it would say because I was familiar with the author.  I wasn’t disappointed.  This author is a very popular teacher and has many, many followers.  This was a book on worship and he took the opportunity to say that Sabbath is done away and all of the Feasts and similar laws are legalistic and gone.  I fear for this man andothers like him who are leading so many astray and away from true obedience to our Father.  There is so much confusion regarding the “law”, so many different views, and each one has their verses that they use, but Scripture clearly teaches that if we love YHVH, we will keep His commandments – and the Sabbath is number four!
I have found that we really only need to know 2 things to understand Scripture
  • 1. Our Creator, the author of Scripture, does not change
  • 2. The men who were inspired to write Scripture were either Jewish or living in a Jewish culture and therefore, in order to properly understand Scripture, we must understand that culture and way of thinking.

It is also important to be teachable and to understand what happened between 33AD and 500AD and how that has impacted our beliefs and interpretations of Scripture today.

The video last night about the Fall Feasts was excellent.  This may seem like a change of subject, but I am bringing it up in this paragraph because Scripture was brought up from all over, from Genesis to Revelation and in-between and it all fit together like a puzzle.  No remote verses taken out of context.  It gave the book of the Revelation of Yeshua so much more meaning and made it much less of a mystery.  But none of that would be possible without the understanding of phrases used by our Messiah and the Hebrew meaning behind them.  We try to interpret his words with our American/Greek thinking and end up in the craziest places.  It brings so much joy and understanding to Scripture to learn this way! =)

If you want to watch the video, I have posted it here.   This is part two in the series on Feasts by Pastor Mark Blitz.

2 thoughts on “A New Fellowship

  1. Bonita Timmons says:

    I am sooo happy you found a fellowship:) we all need fellowship it is so important
    Praise the Lord He is soo goood to us!!!!

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