Thoughts and Things

I am friends with so many different people who are on all sides of just about every issue.

  • I have friends who are not believers, but they are very concerned about the freedoms we are losing and the way things are heading in the food industry.  
  • I have other friends who are believers, but they prefer to keep their head in the sand and hope that will keep things from happening.  
  • Then there are the friends who are aware, but choose to have the positive outlook and just ignore the obvious signals.  They continue to live life as if it will continue as it has been.
  • And then there are the very few who are believers and realize what is happening and what it means for our nation and they are preparing, each in different ways.

The last group is divided regarding the role of Torah.  Some say it is completely void, some say parts of it remain (but they can’t agree on what parts), some say it is all valid for today.  The ones who think it is void also think that it is such a minute issue in light of what is coming, and THAT is what the whole point of this post is.

I would like to speak to those people.  

I realize that Paul has been misinterpreted because he is hard to understand (which even Peter admits) and that is the reason you think it is such a small issue, but what if you are wrong?  What if Paul kept Torah his whole life and never said to stop keeping Torah?  What if 90% (or more) of the world is wrong about Sabbath and eating abominable creatures?  IF YHVH does not change and IF His Torah does not change and IF our Messiah did not come to abolish the Torah and IF the Messiah and Paul are in agreement with the Torah as TRUE prophets and teachers would be, then this is NOT a tiny, little issue.  It is SIN and YHVH IS concerned about sin.  Sin separates us from Him eternally.  He HATES sin, and it needs to be repented of.  

Yes, He is patient.  Oh, I am so thankful for that.  Yes, He is winking at our ignorance for a time… but how long?  Why wait?  These days there is more and more information and there are more and more people waking up and returning to their Hebrew roots.  There is hardly a “Christian” circle where they do not know that people who love YHVH are turning back to Torah all over the world.  Folks, this is not a cult, it is a Spirit-led movement.  If there is a cult, it was started by Constantine and his cronies.  

If YOU are one who TRULY desires to follow the inspired WORD of YHVH… if you are one who TRULY desires to please your Creator… I am BEGGING you to PLEASE open your heart and be teachable.  Set aside all of the doctrines of man that you have been/are being taught in school/college/seminary/by your pastor/at home/etc and search the Scriptures FOR YOURSELF with a humble heart.  You MUST stop worrying about how many people would be wrong if this is right.  You must stop worrying about how humiliating it will be if YOU are wrong about this after all this time.  You must STOP worrying about the friends you will lose.  It is not worth it to put it off.  

I can personally attest to the fact that despite the opposition I have encountered, and despite giving up what was once my favorite time of the year and despite no longer eating what were once some of my favorite things to eat, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I no longer have a desire for the things I gave up.  I am continually amazed about that!  In fact, the thought of eating unclean creatures turns my stomach.  I must say that following the instructions of our Father which are given in His Word, in Torah, has brought the most peace and joy that I have EVER had in my life.  

So PLEASE, don’t wait ANY LONGER!


2 thoughts on “Thoughts and Things

  1. Dee Sprague says:

    Made that fudge recipe from you and I added walnuts – It is wonderfully good and will take along to enjoy on this trip to MN as am so tempted to buy something chocolate – so will have this and save the gluten issue. Thanks, Dee

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