The Importance of Obedience

How important is it in the days ahead for those who love YHVH to obey ALL of His commandments?

According to Revelation Chapter 12:17b “the remnant… those guarding the commands of Elohim and possessing the witness of Yeshua the Messiah. Revelation 14:12 “here is the endurance of the set apart ones, here are those guarding the commands of Elohim and the belief of Yeshua”

I dont know what those who believe we do not obey the commandments of YHVH anymore would say about these verses, but it is clear that the remnant, the set apart ones, the people of YHVH, described in the book of the revelation of Yeshua, are not only believing in Him, but are also keeping the commandments of YHVH. So what becomes of those who refuse to keep His commandments? Those who think His commandments are burdensome? I don’t think I would want to find out.

This is why I believe it is URGENT to point out the errors being taught today regarding the LAW. People must be made aware that YHVH’s Torah is eternal and according to John to refuse to obey it is SIN. 1 John 3:4 “Everyone who sins breaks the Torah, for sin is breaking the Torah”

Matthew 13:41 says “The Son of Man will send forth His angels and they will gather out of His kingdom all the causes of sin and those who practice Lawlessness.”

I fear for the teachers who are leading the people to disobey the Laws of our Almighty Creator. Yeshua speaks to them in Matthew 5:17-20 that those who teach others to relax even the smallest commandment will be least in the Kingdom of God.

I fear for the people who hear the Truth and then choose to obey man and follow traditions set up by Constantine and his followers rather than the commandments of our God. Yeshua says about them in Mark 7:1-12 that by doing this they make the Word of YHVH void. That’s a pretty serious accusation!


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