Thots on Hannukah

Hannukah is coming in just a few days on the 7th of December =)  This will be our second year observing this celebration, so I wanted to share some of my thoughts and hopefully get some feedback from you…

Last year, you may remember that I had some questions about a few of the traditions of Hannukah and their origins:  The Driedel, the Chanukkiah and the gift-giving mostly.

The Driedel is a game which was originally used for gambling at Christmas in Europe and has now become the traditional game for Hannukah.  There are Jewish legends associated with it, which are unsubstantiated.

The Hanukkiah is a Menorah with two extra branches.  So,we take the candlestick that YHVH designed and add 2 branches so that there are 8 candles to light, one for each of the 8 nights of Hannukah.  Is it ok to make a change to YHVHs candlestick design?  Your thoughts on this?

Gift-Giving: I certainly don’t think it is wrong to give gifts during Hannukah, but personally it would make me feel like we were trying to substitute Christmas.  So far we haven’t started the gift-giving tradition, so it hasn’t been an issue =)

The true account of Hannukah can be found in the books of Maccabees.

  • So we know that Hannukah is not based on a pagan date or a pagan celebration.  It was instituted in honor of the rededication of the temple of YHVH.
  • We also know that it is 8 days long.
  • And we know that it involed feasting, singing and offering sacrifices

Last year my dear friend Emily was having some similar thoughts and she wrote the following post in regards to Chanukah

Our celebrations for this year?

  • We are skipping the gelt and the driedel.
  • We will make our own candles and light our Menorah instead of the Hannukiah
  • We will feast on delicious latkes and fried foods;
  • We will listen to music, have discussions and studies on the temple and rededication – talking about our body as His temple and rededicating ourselves to Him
  • We will just generally be merry!
  • We might even develop a tradition or two of our own. =)

Share your thoughts!

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