There’s a chicken in my kitchen

Yesterday my youngest came in to tell me that all the chickens were trampling one of our black chickens – the Barnevelders.  We quickly rescued the chicken which turned out to be a rooster.  Our friendly rooster whose name is Chanticleer.  When we brought him in, he was unable to stand and wouldn’t open his eyes.

Immediately my son brought him into the kitchen, placed him in a box on the floor and began administering water to him through a syringe.  We also gave him some raw garlic.  Then we just let him rest for a while.  Later in the day he began to eat scraps of food that we dropped into the box for him.  I also sprinkled some herbal wormer and some slippery elm into his water.

His first bowel movement was awful, indicating that he most certainly was not feeling well, but they subsequently improved and by evening they were completely normal.  I attribute that to the TLC, the raw garlic and herbs. =)

We moved him into a small dog kennel for the night and put him back in the box this morning.

Here he is.  Isn’t he gorgeous?


The interesting thing is, either he is a genius, or he still doesn’t feel too perky.  He just stays in the box.  He eats, drinks, talks to us and leaves us little droppings, but after only a handful of times that he did get out yesterday, we put him back in and he has not tried at all today.  The dog and cat both walk past him and he just stays there.  Our kitchen is a very busy, noisy place… and he just stays there.

You may be wondering when he will go back outside with his harem…  since it is 0 degrees outside, we are going to keep him in until it warms up to at least 30.  Now that he has been in our warm house, I’m afraid his weakened constitution would not do so well being thrust back into the freezing temperatures.

I just hope he continues to be a model rooster while he is a guest in the kitchen =)


2 thoughts on “There’s a chicken in my kitchen

  1. Terri says:

    Beautiful. Until a person raises chickens, you just don’t get the beauty of this post! Hope he continues to do well and that it warms up soon.

    • Kare says:

      Yes, Terri, lol =) Thank you! He is back outside. We put the heat lamp out there and he is doing great! Today it is a balmy 25º =)

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