Have You Been Norwexed?

You know how you find a great movie or read a great book or discover a fantastic restaurant and you can’t wait to tell everyone?  I am so excited about a new line of products I found and I have to share it with you!

Evidently this company has been around for years and I’ve never heard of it until the last month.  This is the best kept secret!  =)

You know I’m always looking for short cuts without sacrificing quality…

So, let me tell you about Norwex.


The flagship product is a fiber cloth called an envirocloth.  Basically all you need in order to do 90% of your cleaning is this Norwex envirocloth and water.  No more bleach.  Nor more ajax.  Nor more harsh chemicals.  Nor more window cleaner.  No more furniture polish…

And because it is so tightly woven (each strand of fiber is 1/200th the size of a human hair) it soaks up dust, dirt, grease… everything… so much better!

What’s more, there is a special silver woven in with the fiber.  So, after you clean up the germs and bacteria with your Norwex envirocloth, the silver gets to work killing them and then you don’t spread them to other surfaces.  (I think this is great considering all the new mega viruses and bacteria strains we have these days)

Pretty amazing, huh?

And that’s just the Norwex envirocloth!

norwex window cloth

We also have a window cloth that leaves your windows looking brand new with only water as a cleaner.

Norwex Silver Care Toothbrush

Norwex Silver Care Toothbrush

And then there is our silver care toothbrush that goes to work on gum issues, bad breath, yellow teeth…  no guarantees here, but these are all personal testimonies I have heard about.

Norwex Household Cleaning


We also have mattress cleaner, enzyme cleaners that remove hard water minerals and odors and clean ovens, laundry soap, skin care… and much more!  Visit my Norwex blog or my Norwex store to learn more about what we have.

And here’s the best part.  We do online or local Norwex parties.  So, if you like what you see, just let me know and I will set up a temporary page for you to have an online party.  Then you invite all of your friends using our system and it works just like a live party.  I can even do a Skype session to show you how the products work!  Then everyone places an order  on your page and it all accumulates for your online party, resulting in you earning lots of free stuff!  Here is a link to our hostess specials for the month of March 2013.

March Hostess Specials

Contact me through my contact page above to book your party and take cleaning to a whole new level!


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