New Life

It’s that time of year again=)

On March 9th, my daughters’ Nigerian Dwarf Doe had her first set of twins… a male and a female.  I must say, they are beautiful.  And this gives my daughter the opportunity to learn some more about goats and to sell them and manage her money wisely.

Here are a couple of photos.





These little goats are not only cute, but they give the BEST milk I have ever tasted – cow milk included!  Creamy, rich and I dare you to taste even the smallest hint of goat!  I tell our potential buyers I will pay them if they can taste it.  I am that confident. =)

We use the milk from our goats to make kefir, yogurt, ice cream, chevre, mozzarella and ricotta… plus we drink it as milk.  Yum!  (we don’t sell the milk or dairy products though, just the goats!)

Looking to purchase a Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat?  Use the contact page above =)


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