In less than a week, Passover season will be here again.  What a wondrous time of the year.  A time when our Messiah became the Passover Lamb, sacrificed for our sin and rose on First Fruits and then ascended 50 days later on Pentecost.  In these, He fulfilled the first feasts of the year.

This week we will be cleaning the house of leaven.  Spring cleaning, if you will.  Every week we do special cleaning on Preparation Day.  This week we do special cleaning for Passover.  I love the patterns in Scripture.

Paul also tells us to remember the leaven in our lives as we are observing Passover and the week of unleavened bread.  Our sin, breaking the Law of God, is like leaven, growing stronger daily if we don’t take care of it immediately.  We have been learning a lot about leaven this year.  We began using Kefir grains, which multiply like leaven.  And we learned how to make sour dough, which uses leaven from the air.  This is probably the type of leaven the Israelites used.

May each of us take the time to reflect on our own lives to discover the leaven hidden away in the dark corners of our lives.



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