YHWHs Calendar ~

This is my second round of studying the calendar of YHWH.  The first round was not nearly as comprehensive and mostly consisted of studying the information from Test Everything.net and comparing it with the Rabbinic calendar and Scripture.  This year my eyes were opened to another option, that being the calendar based on the sun!  I have been studying this now for over 2 months – a much more intense study than last year. I find it interesting that first of all I have always seen the year as a circle in my minds eye.  I don’t know how to explain what this means or looks like, and maybe everyone does that same, but I found it interesting.

Second, at the end of last year I put the book “Wheel of Stars” (Amazon link where I get a tiny commission) on my wish-list on Amazon.  At the time I didn’t know all that it entailed, but I knew there was information in the stars that I needed to know.  I finally ordered it and it arrived at my house today. =)  Here is part one of a two part video teaching by the author of “Wheel of Stars”


Third, I discovered that a very dear friend of mine is studying this same thing and has felt some of the things I have felt during the process.  I love it when the Spirit is moving in many hearts at the same time!  And fourth, last fall I also printed out 2-3 articles from “In That Day” regarding calendar, not realizing they were about the solar calendar, but they were in my folder.

Coming from a christian background, calendar was never on my radar.  After all, everything was right there in the Gregorian calendar…   I had no idea there even were other calendars!  It was the same when I heard about the solar calendar.  I had no idea there even was a solar calendar until the last few months.  Immediately I was intrigued.  Especially when I learned that it was kept by Noah, and prophesied in Daniel and Revelation.

My first study was in the book of Enoch ~ my vote is still out on this source of information.  There are a couple of places where it doesn’t seem quite accurate – I’m thinking maybe it has been tampered with.  I probably wouldn’t have considered it at all, except that it was found among the Dead Sea Scrolls and Peter quotes from it.  That seems to give it some value.

I also did a lot of historical research, and I feel like I have only touched the surface here.  But it seems pretty clear to me that the solar calendar was used initially and that it will be used again at the end of time.  (kind of like the Torah?? =} )   For some reason, most of the world has switched over to our present day Gregorian calendar, which is NOT solar.  The reasons and time of this switch … well there are several opinions on this.  I’m not sure it really matters.

For those who don’t know what the calendars are, I made a simple chart that compares them.

 So why is calendar so important anyway?

Our Creator, YHWH has given us specific days to celebrate.  HIS days.  He wants us to celebrate them according to HIS calendar.  If we are using the incorrect calendar, we will be celebrating on the wrong days.  Therefore, it is VERY important!

I love the way this author at Scribd so graciously put it:

“When making the conscious decision to live according to the will of our Creator, I never knew it would lead to such a constant pursuit in seeking His great pleasure.  I would have never imagined how much deceit we all have been buried in.  Upon “coming out of Babylon”, leaving the christian church system, I remember thinking things like, “So, we are supposed to keep the Law…” and “Well, the Jews keep the Law, we must do like them…”, not realizing that Babylon is this whole entire world system of things, and that I was climbing out of one pit just to jump into another.  All of the world’s religions are just part of the Babylonian system.

Man’s laws, commands and traditions are in every religion mixed in with the truth of YHWH, so it is impossible to be able to look at any man, or religion in order to see “who’s doing it right’.  Upon realizing that truth, this walk became even more interesting.  I now realize that we have to completely rely on our Father’s Word with much prayer in every aspect, and not on what man does, or what some religion or sect teaches, or even on what we ourselves believe in our fleshly minds.  Everything that we believe must be placed back on the table and re-examined, with an unbiased eye, in all humility.  We must always be ready to accept correction and make necessary changes in our beliefs if we want to please our Father in the (Heavens).

I want to stress that though I am sharing with you what I believe according to the studies that I have done on the subjects of YHWH’s clock, calendar and appointed times, I am in no way, shape or form trying to push some doctrine on anyone.  Nor do I have any desire whatsoever to divide from a brother or sister who does not agree with the information presented in this study.  I will also choose to remain in humility, knowing that all men are subject to error, and am willing to make changes to my belief in the future if additional information is found.  I choose not to just settle into some doctrine as if I am infallible, or because I have become comfortable with the tradition I have acquired.

I know that some of my beloved brothers and sisters will not agree with this information, nor will some give it a sincere look without preconceived notions.  To them I would just like to say that I love you anyway and refuse to divide over this matter…. So, whether or not you agree with everything in this study, I pray that it is edifying in some way…”

By no means have I finished studying or feel that I have come to a final conclusion, but for this year, as of right now, here are my thoughts.

  1. Genesis 1: 14  says the *sun, moon, stars were created for signs and appointed times and for days and YEARS ( notice that it doesn’t say for months)
  2. The only yearly calendars that I can find mentioned in Scripture all point to a 360 day calendar, which is the solar calendar.
    • Noah’s 150 days in Genesis that equaled 5 months
    • Daniel’s prophecy of 1260 days that equal 3 1/2 years
    • 24 priestly rotations that came from Moses and Aaron, listed in 1 Chronicals and Ezra, 2 for each month – none for a 13th month
    • 12 governors, in 1 Kings 4:7, each one for one month of the year – again no provision for a 13th month
    • Revelation 22:2  – 12 fruits, each yielding its fruit every month – no 13th fruit
    • the fact that the Rabbinic calendar wasn’t “discovered”  until 432 BCE by the Astronomer Meton
    • Both the Gregorian and the Julian calendars have been majorly messed with after the time of Messiah
    • scientifically, the sun is precise:  Every day it rises in a 30 degree slice and aligns about a degree as it goes through that slice.  Logically, this would make for a 30 day month.
    • on the 4 sign days, the sun does not move a degree, it remains stationary
    • Josephus, a notable Jewish historian, says that Moses used the vernal equinox to determine the beginning of the year
    • Philo, another notable Jewish historian, says that Pesach and Sukkot are related to the equinoxes

Other than these thoughts I’ve listed from Scripture, science and history, I would highly recommend the Wheel of Stars book and videos as well as the article listed at http://www.scribd.com/doc/158085315/Appointed-Times-Report as you do your own research.  As always, your respectful feedback is welcomed and anticipated!


2 thoughts on “YHWHs Calendar ~

  1. Diane Engel says:

    Were you referring to the Pharisees when you said Messiah rebuked this group of people? Is there a reference that He rebuked them for the calendar? As far as I can tell He celebrated the feasts at the same time as everyone else and never said anything about it.

    • Kare says:

      He did not rebuke anyone directly regarding calendar, but He did tell the Scribes and Pharisees in Matthew 16:1-6 that they did not know how to discern the signs of the times. It seems that He also celebrated the Pesach on a different night than they did. His Pesach was the day before He was crucified, making the next day a High Sabbath. Their High Sabbath, however, began at dark after He was crucified.

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