Planned Barrenhood

Before I was married, WAY back in the 80s, I read a book that was to change my thinking in so many areas!  The book was “The Way Home” by Mary Pride.  Mary led the way for so many changes in the lives of MANY people and I am so thankful for that!  The topic of THIS post is only one of the subjects she covered… birth control. It is so important that the entire first half of the book covers this topic.  In fact, I am going to place a link to the book right here so you can purchase it!  PLEASE DO!  This information is SO NEEDED in our day – especially among believers =)

The Way Home: Beyond Feminism, Back to Reality

(this link goes to my Amazon store and I get a little commission from the sales.  Thank you for helping support our family with your purchase)

So on to the subject at hand.  I am actually going to use this book and another book called “Be Fruitful and Multiply by Nancy Campbell as springboards for a Scripture study.  I already *know* how the Creator feels about this, but I want to be able to share with others from Scripture and not just from these two wonderfully written books!  I think this area of our lives as believers is one of THE most important and one that truly shows where our hearts are at more than just about anything else!

Yikes!  I know this topic will be VERY controversial, but I truly feel it is URGENT to talk about!

This will be an ongoing discussion.  Todays post is just the introduction.  I welcome your comments, even those that disagree… as long as you are respectful and back up what you say with Scripture. =)

I will leave you with this thought as we begin our journey into the study of the gift of children…

The very FIRST command ever given to mankind can be found in Genesis chapter 1 and verse 28

“And Elohim …said to them, “Be fruitful and increase, and fill the earth and subdue it, and rule over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the heavens, and over all creeping on the earth”

One thought on “Planned Barrenhood

  1. bkolisha says:

    Let me first say, i agree with you on being fruitful and multiplying as a woman in the Lord.
    You are right the first command Elohim gave to mankind was to be fruitful and multiply but there was an implied command he gave only to man.
    Gen 2:15…to serve and protect the garden of Eden (the special place He created for His creation. The garden can symbolize a bride. This is his first responsibility and we see after the fall, the responsibility of protection is not mentioned in Gen 3:23. He now tills( or same word in Gen 2:15 to serve her) but protection is not mentioned. YHWH is now protector. Adam has lost that responsibility for transgressing the covenant he made when he accepted her as his Isha.

    I would be interested in any comments or questions you might share with me.

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