From the Home Front

I am overjoyed to report that this year we have not had any losses on the farm.  Last year we had enough to make up for the rest of time as far as I’m concerned…  We presently have too many goats and have 6 up for sale.  I went a little crazy buying goats late in the spring and now that the kidding is mostly over, I have a better idea who I want to keep and who needs to go.  =)  I am also embarking on a new adventure!  In the next month I hope to have a fiber animal on the farm.  My first choice would be a registered Pygora, but the closest one is in Oregon or Washington and I don’t want to travel that far, so I will probably end up with a local Angora doe.  I am super excited to learn how to shear, wash, pick, card, and spin my yarn over the next year(s).

This is what an angora goat looks like:


Our sweet little puppy is getting bigger all the time!  He is finally calming down and acting less like a puppy!  Whew!  If I had known how much work a puppy was, I don’t think I would have brought him home!  =)  Goat kids are MUCH easier!  LOL  But all of our hard work is paying off and we are pleased as punch with this boy (most of the time).  

This is the most recent picture I have of him, but it’s already outdated:



We have a Buff Orpington hen setting on some Americauna eggs, so we are counting down the days until the little chicks hatch!  It’s typcially 21 days from the time they begin setting.  We are about halfway there as of today.  There isn’t much that is sweeter than watching a row of chicks hopping through the tall grass to follow their mama around!  Well, maybe watching baby goats play.  =)

Due to our ample supply of milk, I am finding many creative ways to try new recipes!  I made my first cheddar with the wonderful hand made cheese press a dear friend made for me!  It is in the refrigerator curing.  We’ve also been having chevre and homemade ice cream on a regular basis. (yum) I keep a quart of milk kefir going and am about to make my second batch of yogurt.  What a gift it is to have goats and milk!  Thank you, Father!


4 thoughts on “From the Home Front

  1. Mikki St. Germain says:

    You Amaze Me!! I Love your look on life on how you see and find such beauty in God creations!! Don’t let the miles fool you.. you are very close in my Heart!!! Thanks for brightening my day!!

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