A Bold Statement

I am going to step out on a limb and make a very bold statement today. I’m sure it won’t be a very popular one, but it is something I feel very strongly about! The topic is what we put into our bodies, and more specifically food and imm.unizati0ns.

The bold statement? I believe it is SIN, yes, I said SIN, to immunize and to eat some of the GM0 food. Why?

Read this article to learn why I feel this way about vac.cines

Read this article to learn why I feel this way about GM0

The bottom line is, putting aborted babies inside your body, or monkey cells, or poison, is a sin.  Eating something that changes your DNA would also be a sin.  Some GM0 food contains human DNA, so eating that would be akin to cannibalism, which is also a sin.

I think it’s a pretty simple idea.  What do you think?


5 thoughts on “A Bold Statement

  1. bethproverbs31 says:

    There are some of us who cannot afford to buy all organic and non-GMO even though we do as best as we can on a VERY limited income. Not sure I agree with you on that one. I am definitely with you on the immunization thing though!

    • Kare says:

      Thanks for your comment!!! From what I understand, The most important ones are corn and soy for changing our dna and rice and wheat have human dna when they are not organic.

  2. Emily says:

    Hey there! We follow this stuff fairly close and as far as we know, gmo rice and wheat have been denied public comsumption- thus far. Monsanto continues to push above regulations, appealing to change them through both the court system and polictics. And although it may just be a matter of time I am almost sure rice and wheat found in the grocery stores today are still pure. Please feel free to send me any documentation that states otherwise.
    Personally, we eat very limited grains in our family anyway as I have found them to make me lathargic and fat. We replaced them with more veggies.
    I do believe that when one knowingly consumes or injects unclean animals or others dna/blood that is sin.
    But there is a lot of confusion going on in this area…such as the company called Senomyx which had been using aborted fetus cells (from the kidneys) to test flavor enhancers. Folks thought that the foods it was testing had aborted fetus cells in them but the fact is they were only using the cells to test the flavor enhancers- not putting the cells into the flavor enhancers. So to consume these products would not be a sin. Although that company using aborted cells for the advancement of their products rests on their own head(s), as we will all be rewrded for our own works. While we don’t consume these types of products (PepsiCo, Kraft Foods, Campbell Soup, Solae and Nestlé) it is something we try our best to keep updated on simply because this is the direction the world is going. Again, it is only a matter of time.
    I have a lot of family memebers that have had transplants and blood infusions and I believe this is sin. I know it sounds harsh but I am deeply convicted that we are not to mix our blood (for the life is in the blood) and this to me also would extend to accepting others organs. Your thoughts on this?

    • Kare says:

      Hi Emily, I thought I had read the GM0 rice was approved, but the wheat wasn’t yet. I could be wrong though… Hope so.

      We are also moving away from grain, for health sake, and we definitely feel better. Our favorite at this time is oatmeal and occasionally we use buckwheat or quinoa.

      I agree with you regarding blood and blood transfusions and organs, etc. This is a decision that I came to just this year. It just seems that if blood is so very important in Scripture and today there is so much messing with it and the whole Genesis 6 account… And our Creator being against mixing species and plants… Then it would be a sin to mix our blood or organs with those of another person/animal/plant as well.

  3. Emily says:

    Thanks for your views on the blood/transplant thing. I don’t come across too many that share the same conviction.
    As for the gmo rice, the golden rice project is stil going on-which is the most developed and campaigned gmo rice today (as far as I know). As of March this year, the International Rice Research Institute reported that its research and testing continues using local farmers in the Philippines for field tests. They also just completed a 3rd campaign in the EU called Allow Golden Rice Now. Of course pushing for this under the “feed the hungry” mantra. I think it is good that you bring this to attention b/c it is only a matter of time but I just wanted to assure bethproverbs31 and other readers that they most likely have not purchased gmo rice or wheat- as of yet. The gmo golden rice is golden in color so that should be easy enough to recognize but if they end up using it in everything like they do with the soy and corn well, then we will have to avoid all “convenient” foods. Rice doesn’t really have that much nutritional value anyway…grow some kale. 😀

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