Do You Feel It?

Change is coming.  It has been coming for some time.  Predicted by those who know for so many years that people have become numb and skeptical.  However, it is now to the point that nearly everyone is becoming aware.

The question is…

Are you ready?

is your heart pure before the Creator?

is your life in order?

are your finances in order?

do you have a plan?

are you educated or indoctrinated?


If not, start NOW.  Read between the lines.  Don’t ever fall for the official story.  Do your homework.  Be prepared.  Don’t panic.


MOST IMPORTANT: make sure you are walking according to our Fathers instructions and listening to His voice.

Deuteronomy 26image




One thought on “Do You Feel It?

  1. bkolisha says:

    Please visit my blog on The Mystery of Divine Intimacy and soon to follow God’s Love Story: the Ish and Isha. I like your piece on the Suitable Helpmate but would like to offer some additional perspectives. Hope you will visit and comment.

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