Homemade Chevre

This is one of the most simple recipes and so tasty!  It can be used like cream cheese.  I have made cheese cake with it. I have made it into an apple dip, a cracker dip  and in recipes that call for cream cheese.


Here are the easy instructions:

  • 1. fill a gallon jar with raw milk
  • 2. add 1 cup of raw milk kefir or yogurt with live culture
  • 3. add 1/4 tablet or 5 drops of rennet
  • 4. Stir gently to blend everything
  • 5. let this sit out on the counter until the whey separates from the milk. 15-24 hours
  • 6. pour into a cheese strainer bag (can be purchased on Amazon) & let this drain over a large bowl for 12 – 15 hours or until it stops dripping.
  • 7. if using as a dip, add your seasons and refrigerate
  • 8. this can also be frozen for later use

2 thoughts on “Homemade Chevre

  1. terrilz says:

    How funny you would post this today. Just yesterday I made a batch of soft goat cheese and after a night of hanging, put it in the bowl to add salt and spices and it was crumbly instead of soft. It was older milk which may have had something to do with my failure!!! How do you season it without crumbling it all up? My recipe given to me by my wonderful friend was supposed to be the ” easiest ever”. That was NOT good news to me as I managed to ruin it!
    Shabbat Shalom and after our blessed rest, I look forward to hearing your insight!

    • Kare says:

      It sounds like you may have let it drain too long? That has happened to me before. Or maybe it was in the processing… not sure? It can still be used in recipes though =) Mine is not crumbly most of the time, it is the consistency of cream cheese. Was the recipe similar to mine in how it is made? An even easier one is just to put the milk out on the counter and let it separate. Takes a few more days and the flavor is slightly different, but still a cream cheese texture. It’s called clabbered milk.

      I hope your Shabbat is AMAZING and filled with WONDER (wonder-filled)!!

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