What a shame!

Our family is on a journey. The most recent leg of the journey began at the end of August this year. Is it a literal journey? At times. For the moment, no.

I will say that the road has been rough and uncertain, but the travellers have bonded together amazingly and are learning to hear the voice of the Shepherd and draw closer to Him than ever before. It is a journey of love and devotion, of growth and understanding, of trusting and obeying, of pain and heartache… it is both beautiful and terrible.

For reasons that I am not at liberty to disclose right now, we are not sharing details with many people. We have mostly involved those who are a regular part of our lives and asked them to respect our privacy and not share.

Among the unbelievers there has been great honor shown. We are so thankful for these special friends.

Among those in our local Body of believers we have found the same respect in keeping things quiet. What a treasure these people are!

However ~ among the “christians” it is a different story. Not only have the facts been twisted, but there has been slander and gossip and it has come back around to our ears. We know who the guilty party is (1 of them anyway) and when confronted, instead of repenting, they became defensive and turned it around and blamed us. I find it so sad that it is the “christians” that cannot be trusted. In fact I suspected it would be the case and hoped these particular folks would not become privy to the information for that very reason.

Please pray diligently about this situation as there is potentially great pain for certain people if the gossip and slander continues.

6 thoughts on “What a shame!

  1. The Lind's says:

    Hello Sojourners! We will be praying for these circumstances and ache for those who are slandering. Assumptions are dangerous and spreading those assumptions is even more so. We have the ability to give terrible harm or abundant blessing to any situation we can’t relate to or don’t understand. That abundant blessing…seeing other’s through the Fathers eyes and speaking that into them or a situation… it’s many times what brings the breakthrough during these seasons of life.

    • Sojourner says:

      Thank you so much for your prayers! Please pray that we have direction in if we should confront or … not throw pearls before swine. Also that our hearts are pure in our response. 🙂 By the way, reading the book and absolutely loving it!!

  2. Emily says:

    hey there…just wanted to let you know my heart, ears & prayers are available. I’m not sure how to pray but surely understand and can respect the silence. Sending my sympathy.

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