Sojourning Together

Over the past month or so, 5 members of our family spent a LOT of time together on the road.  We visited at least 7 different families, ministering in each place as much as possible.  We butchered a hundred chickens, chopped and stacked wood, repaired fencing, put up garden vegetables, encouraged other believers, fellowshiped, received encouragement from other believers, helped with general housekeeping, transported a large load of food to a family for long term storage, stayed up late talking, did a lot of praying, repenting, Scripture study, experienced physical healing, played games, sang songs, wept, rejoiced, had a shard of deer bone shoved into our gas tank, slept sometimes, drove a lot, ministered to a homeless person more than once, swam, midrashed, went camping…

Through it all we learned better how to HEAR the voice of Yah, discovered more about having a pure heart and repentance, experienced unity of believers in the midst of diversity, felt the pain of rejection, attained new knowledge in many areas of Scripture, were exposed to intense evil that we could FEEL and hear, shouted and sang praise to Yah at full volume for TWO HOURS…

Whew!  Can you imagine all that in less than a month???  To say it was intense is an understatement, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything!


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