The 6th chapter of Proverbs

Lots of nuggets in this chapter….  first of all the importance of not signing on someone’s loan… it is a trap!

We are given an example of how to work from the lowly ant:

  • They work without supervision
  • Store up for the winter

Then laziness is described:

  • Sleeps a lot
  • Lies down
  • Folds hands

The ants’ example:

  • works with no one overseeing
  • provides supplies in summer
  • gathers food in harvest

Wicked person:

  • perverse mouth
  • winks with eye
  • shuffles feet
  • points with fingers
  • perverse heart
  • plotting evil continually
  • sends out strife

Six, no SEVEN matters that are an abomination to YHWH:

  • proud look
  • lying tongue
  • hands that shed innocent blood
  • heart devising wicked schemes
  • feet quick to run to evil
  • false witness breathing out lies
  • one causing strife among brethren

My Son, Watch over Your Father’s Command and Do Not Forsake the Torah of Your Mother

  • Bind Them on Your Heart Always
  • Tie Them Around Your Neck
  • When You Are Walking About It Leads You
  • When You Lie Down It Guards You
  • And When You Have Woken Up, It Talks to You
  • It is a Lamp
  • And a Light
  • A Reproof of Discipline
  • A Way of Life
  • Guards Against an Evil Woman

Finally, the evils of a strange woman:

  • she has a flattering tongue
  • she is pretty and captivating
  • brings one to a crust of bread
  • hunts for the precious life
  • fire in the bosom that burns
  • burns the feet like hot coals
  • whoever touches her is not unpunished
  • he who commits adultery with her
    • lacks heart
    • destroys his own life
    • his shame, smiting and reproach is not wiped away

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