The Sojourner

Over the past several months our family has discovered the FREEDOM of simplicity and letting go of possessions.

We discovered that we don’t NEED an entire herd of goats.  We don’t NEED a vehicle for every driver in the family.  We don’t NEED a cell phone for every member of the family.  We don’t NEED a Netflix account.  We don’t NEED all the devices.  We don’t NEED DVDs or games or boxes of crafts that are for entertainment purposes only.  We don’t NEED four sets of dishes. We don’t NEED kitchen items that are used once a year or less.  We don’t NEED very many clothes and shoes.  We don’t NEED all the boxes of things that are for “some day”.  We don’t need all the boxes of memorabilia.  We don’t NEED to own all the books ourselves. We don’t NEED much furniture. We don’t NEED to buy cups of coffee when we are out.  We don’t NEED to buy NEW clothes. We don’t NEED to drink soda. Children don’t NEED their own bedroom.  We don’t NEED pets.  We don’t NEED a big house.  We don’t NEED many cookbooks. We don’t NEED jewelry.  We don’t NEED fancy makeup.  We don’t NEED to buy prepared foods or eat out.

I’m beginning to think we still have a long ways to go and maybe we don’t even NEED to “own” a home!  Hmmm?

In addition to all the tangible things, we also found that we don’t NEED to pay regularly for fancy hairstyles, color, perms, manicures, pedicures.    We don’t NEED to have insurance.  (WHAT???)  We don’t NEED to have well visits.  We don’t NEED to be involved in sports.  We don’t NEED to be entertained.  We don’t NEED much, really.

Even in just the few changes we have made thus far it feels really wonderful!  It’s so much easier to find an outfit!  It’s so much easier to clean house.  It’s so much easier to pay the bills.  The family is so much closer with less vehicles and sharing bedrooms.  We are less bored with less devices and entertainment.  We are healthier with no soda and making food from scratch.  We are more creative with less distractions and clutter.  We have more freedom without being tied to the past with memorabilia.  We have more time to reach out to neighbors and others in need. We are less crowded without the extra furniture and boxes of stuff.  In fact, we could live in a much smaller house easily!  We still have SO MUCH MORE we could get rid of!

Am I saying to sell everything except the clothes we need in order to be modest and stay warm?  Am I saying it is wrong to have all these things?  Not necessarily.  But I do know what it is doing in OUR hearts.  And I do know what I have seen in the lives of others who have done the same.  It is an AMAZING feeling.  I don’t think it can be explained in words.  It must be experienced.

Try it, you might like it!


5 thoughts on “The Sojourner

  1. Emily says:

    Oh! Yes the lightening, the freedom, the health, the focus on what TRULY matters. My heart is rejoicing with you!
    We have been brought to this place sojourning from state to state to state, like Abraham…only not in our tents but dwelling in homes that are not ours…becasue a “home” isn’t necessarily a brick and mortar building. We have been poor. We have lived in abundance. We have sowed, we have reaped and we have strived, we have failed. Letting go, fully surrendering is the spirit of this place. And the journey is so sweet!!! We are asked over and over again, “How do you do it?”
    Well, HE has refined us to put our complete trust in HIM. We are in HIS hands. And it is at this place that nothing in any way can harm us, what is meant for evil YHWH can use for good but first we must be empty vessels…becasue you can’t fill a cup that is already full.

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