Soap, Candles and Essential Oils

Some of you may know that I have been making my own soap and selling it since 2002.  I have also been making my own candles and selling them since 2005.  In addition, there have been lip balms, shea butter, salts and other items mixed in there.  I enjoy making these things, and thought I would continue to sell them at markets and shows, but the more I do, the more it seems that YHWH does not want me to be selling them.  I did a show last week where I had my own soap, candles, shea butter and salts, plus some Pikles, mittens and my essential oils.  The products I made hardly sold at all.  The essential oils brought in the most finances and provided the most opportunity to minister to people.  SO…

I will continue to make these for our family and as gifts here and there, but it seems I will not be selling soap, candles, etc as a business anymore for now.  If any of you would like to order what I have left, here is a list: (see pictures below)

  • 2 to 3 dozen (3-4 oz) bars of  coconut oil soap, wrapped in richly colored homemade paper.  One fragrance is a Ciara type with poppy seeds, the other is an EO blend called Tranquil $5 each OR six for $25
  • a little over a dozen soy wax votives in various scents and colors $2.50 each or six for $12
  • about a dozen soy wax tealights also in various scents and colors $1.50 each or six for $6
  • several dozen 1-2 oz tarts in various scents and colors four for $5
  • 10-12 soy wax candles in containers ranging from 4 oz to 10 oz $1.50 per oz, multiple discount available
  • 8 (4 oz) shea butters with peppermint essential oil $12 each (the shea butter comes from my brother in Africa)
  • 8 (16 oz) himalayan bath salts (four lemon verbena, four Tranquil) $15 each

These can be ordered through my contact form.  Let me know if you would prefer to pay through paypal or send a check.  (the candle scents are peppermint (EO), a cinnamon blend (EO), spruce (EO), plumeria, pomegranate, Ciara, lemon verbena, citrus blend (EO), Tranquil and one unscented)

sheafront salts c5ozbal CIMG1446 CIMG2304 ctrts tealitepouch votivepack cocosoap


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