Pesach (Passover) or Communion?


In one of the Facebook groups I am part of, the discussion is taking place over what our Messiah was referring to with the cup and the bread at the meal the day before He was crucified.  Was it Communion?  or Passover?

Sacraments-000008714588 I did a little research on where Communion originated and here is what I found:

According to this information, I would not want to take part in communion in the traditional sense.  In the previous link, the author refers to the Passover Seder, which is another topic…  we personally do not do a Passover Seder because I don’t see any example of that in Scripture either.  PassoverThe commands for Passover say to eat the lamb with bitter herbs and unleavened bread.  Our Messiah and His disciples also had wine with the meal.  These are the only things we include at this point.  Our goal is to be teachable though, so if we can see that we need to adjust our thinking, we are willing to do so. =)  This day is a most serious one for us, equal to Yom Kippur in it’s sobering reminders.  It gives a greater appreciation for not only what our Messiah did for us, but also what the Father must have gone through. According to my understanding of three of the four gospels, the meal that our Messiah ate with His disciples was the Passover (Pesach) meal.  The actual word used in the passages is Passover.  In fact, I don’t see the word communion anywhere in Scripture…  if I am missing it, someone please point it out =)Bitter-Herb-Wormwood-for-Heartburn-Relief-300x19820130320passoverwinepri pesachlamb


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