Have you ever considered just how many things in our daily lives are taught as unquestionable fact and they really might not be?  Things we are taught in “school” from the time we are old enough that we just don’t question…   historical “facts”, scientific “facts”, mathematical “facts”, even current events…  what are all of these things based on?  Who decided they would be taught as facts?  How do we know if they are, in fact, accurate and true?  How important is it on the grand scale of things?

It could be very important if we base any beliefs or make any assumptions based on these so-called facts.

For example, I have always thought that the book of Joshua was written with a lack of knowledge when they said “the sun stood still”.  We all know that it is the earth that moves and not the sun, right?  Hmmm – but IS that right?

Or what about the giants mentioned in Genesis and many other places in Scripture?  The writers are just comparing to themselves, right?  We all know there is no such thing as a giant, don’t we?

Ok, now think about the horrific creatures described in the book of the revelation.  Surely they must be either spiritual meanings or trying to describe things they didn’t understand – such as helicopters or missiles.

These things and many more are some of the areas I have been studying and reading and wondering about.  At this point, there are NO sacred cows in my life.  Absolutely nothing that I am not willing to audit.  Every belief, every assumption, every doctrine, every thing is getting a second look, or a third or fourth look… testing it against the original Scriptures as Paul commended the Bereans for doing, and testing it against the character of our unchanging Creator and Elohim.

If you think of me, please pray for discernment in all of these areas.  I just want to be a pleasing child until that Final Day!  =)  Are you with me?

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