New Directions

At present our journey has taken us away from home for an extended amount of time.  A place where the internet is harder to come by, where we are meeting wonderful new people, where we have had to leave convenience behind… And most importantly where we have been told to go.  We arent sure about details of how long or why, although we have a few guesses :).   I apologize for being so vague, but I feel discretion is wise at this point.

What has Yah been teaching us?   That He is our Shalom.  He will be our shield and buckler.  He will be our Shepherd.  He is our Salvation.  The family is divided, but the rest said they will join us at a later time.  Our hope and prayer is that there will be a unified mind and heart when that time comes.  Please join us in prayer to that end!


Within those of us who heard the Father tell us to go, there is need for healing ~ physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Again, we covet your prayers in this regard.  Our hearts desire is to be pleasing and obedient to the Almighty Elohim, YHWH.  We fall short much too often.  Hineni is our prayer.  We want to be His instruments, His humble servants, His devoted people… Ready to meet the needs of those around us at any time, to share our journey and His Truth.

I see that our posts have been far too sparse over the summer, and hope to remedy this.  Bear with me!

We have given up much, but we trust in Yah.



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