PCC #1

Personal Comfort Challenge #1

Starting today, I am going to offer a weekly comfort challenge to my readers.

After recently spending 3 months in another country, I thought it would be fun to offer you a small taste of some of the things we experienced during our time there.  In return, I would love it (if you choose to participate) if you would do five things for me:

  1. post your comments below after you have participated
  2. send me a private contact message with your physical address
  3. share this post using the share button at the bottom of this post (then let me know by photo which way you shared and who you shared it with)
  4. like the post at the bottom
  5. vote for the post under the title (click on the stars)

At the end of each week, if we have had a minimum of 10 participants, I will send out a special gift to one random participant.

Here is how it works: Your name will go into the drawing one time for participating, one time for commenting, one time for the private message with your address, one time for liking it, one time for voting and one time for sharing the post.  This is a total of six times, giving you a great opportunity to win!

Personal Comfort Challenge number one is:  Pick one day this week and wash ALL the dirty dishes by hand.  You can use any dish soap or hand soap you like.

Time: from midnight to midnight

Specific instructions:

  • use only cold water
  • do not use a dishwasher
  • do not use any hot water

Participation gift:  TWO OF THESE Bamboo Pot, Pan & Dish Scrapers. A great kitchen tool offering a wide variety of uses.  (I have one and I REALLY like it!)

Bamboo is lightweight, more durable than wood and very effective!  Safely scrapes any cookware surface clean without scratching and it removes stubborn, baked-on messes from stainless steel, non-stick cookware or glass, too. Designed to scrape and clean your ceramic and glass bake ware, but it can also be used to scrape that gunk that builds up in the cracks along sinks, counter tops, and stoves. Also, great for scraping ice build-up on skis and windshields. Keep one in the car for the winter. 





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