Check This Out

My friend on fb just wrote this and posted it.  Sometimes when a single verse is pulled out it makes more of an impact.  I hope that is the case for her.  This is the verse she posted:

“But this I confess to you, that according to the Way (which they call a sect), I worship the God of our fathers, believing everything written in the Torah and the Prophets.”

Who wrote this?  King David? Solomon?  one of the prophets?  It’s obviously someone keeping Torah…

The author is Paul – the person who is used the MOST to teach AGAINST keeping Torah.  Right from his own pen he is saying that he keeps Torah.  And this is not the only time.  He defends himself in court more than once, saying that he keeps Torah.  At the request of James, he also pays for a group of people to make an offering in order to prove that he keeps Torah.

Why would someone who’s teachings churchianity uses to promote “freedom from the law,” be a a self-proclaimed Torah Keeper?  Something is wrong with this picture!

Think about it!


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