The Kids Arrive!

I am so excited to report that our sweet little doe had her kids on June 8th.  Three beautiful, blue-eyed kids.  A gorgeous little buckling, a beautiful brown doeling with black stripe on her backbone and a tiny little brown doeling with white splashes on her face and sides.  The mama is an excellent mama!  Very attentive and loving.  The babies are frisky and thriving.  All is well.

Our little ducklings should be arriving soon too!  We are getting some Indian Runner or Penguin ducks.  They are prolific egg layers and they don’t need a huge body of water.  I’m super excited!  We will add that to our menagerie or goats, chickens, dogs and cats.

Speaking of cats… we haven’t seen one of our kitties for a couple of months.  =(  He was such a great cat and only 13 years old, but he had a great life and in the wild anything can happen.  We are probably better off not knowing!  Thankfully, we still have two cats and they like each other!


I am also *considering* getting a couple of bum lambs.  They are Icelandic and you can keep them with goats.  Here is what they look like!  They can be used for milk, meat or fiber.


In a week or so I hope to be traveling across the country for about 10 days.  My daughter and/or my dad will probably be with me.  I plan to stop along the way to see many people I haven’t connected with in decades!  I’m not crazy about being gone so long, but I know it will be fun to reconnect with everyone!

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