The Ministry

My latest discoveries have been about what a ministry is.  It started with a book by Dani Johnson titled “Spirit Driven Success”.  In the book she speaks of how the “church” leads us to believe that there is clergy and then there are the people.  The special ones are called into ministry and the rest of us do lesser jobs just to make money.  This is definitely the way I was conditioned, whether it was intentionally taught or not!

I thought I wanted to start a ministry of some kind.  My vocation would pay for the ministry, but in reality, the ministry was my purpose in life.  In fact, maybe you saw the tab on this blog that talks about my ministry.  I have since taken it down.

So is that the case?  Are those of us who are not full time pastors or missionaries really less useful in the kingdom?

According to my latest book I’m reading, God at Work, by Rich Marshall – no!  What an eye opener!  His view is that Israel had priests who served full time, but they also had kings.  The kings related to the people and brought them to the priests who related to the Father. Both were equally important.  Both fulfilled an important role in the nation and today to further the Kingdom.

So where does this leave us?  I believe that every aspect of our lives is an opportunity to minister to others, to reach out, to show kindness, to live as an example, to be a light.  In xianity it might be called lifestyle evangelism.  In Scripture and in the jewish way of thinking, it is how they have lived their lives for thousands of years.

I could expound on this so much more, but let this be a taste to whet your appetite.  =)

As always, comments are welcomed and encouraged!


2 thoughts on “The Ministry

  1. Abbey says:

    I agree! My family too felt the call to ministry but the only clear answers we ever got from the Father were just to “live” and to focus on our children so they could “live” out loud :).

    • Kare says:

      I almost think it is more effective too! People don’t like things shoved down their throat! They are so much more responsive when *they* come to *you*! Thanks for sharing, Abbey! =)

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