Sounds of Peace


Over the past few years I have been studying the power of sounds.  This would include our words, the songs we listen to and even sounds we are unaware of.  A better word would probably be vibrations or frequencies.

You see everything gives off vibrations.  Everything has a frequency.

The reason I am thinking about this subject this morning is because I am sitting in my living room listening to so many amazing sounds.  A chicken clucking, the goats bleating, a bird singing – all enjoying the gorgeous sunshiny day.  The temperature is perfect, no wind and just overall lovely.

I posted here about how this even includes the fabrics we wear and use in our daily surroundings.

Words are not just something that we say, they have POWER.  They create vibrations.  They can literally destroy.  This is scientific.  There have been experiments done on drops of water where people have spoken to them and watched them under a microscope.  Just using different words changed the shape of the water.  What do you think your words do to you and to others?

Think about it!


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