Happenings on the Farm

We had quite an adventure yesterday with our beautiful little 3 1/2 month old buckling.  It was wet and chilly and he kept crying out to us.  We brought him in the house and he fell asleep, but he kept getting weaker and weaker.  Next we tried a couple of home remedies, but nothing was helping, so we ended up taking him to the vet for a Thiamine shot.  His temp was so low he should have been having convulsions and near death, but HalleluYah, he is now home and doing well!  So we have a little goat in the bathroom!


He’s very sweet and quiet and well-behaved.  A couple of times a day I let him out to walk around the house.  I think he and Driggs are going to be best buddies before he goes back outside.  By the way, Driggs has been so sweet!  He gets along with all of our animals – the cats, the kittens, the adult dogs, and the goats.  Plus he loves people too!  He’s a bit of a goof-ball and still has a lot of puppy in him, but he certainly has a lot going for him!  Just look at those sweet eyes (and the long eye-lashes!)




On another note, I purchased a lovely little vintage 1969 Roadrunner Camper Trailer a couple of days ago.  I really like all the original paneling! I will be uploading more pics and giving more details later on, but we are going to break it in and sleep in it for Sukkot!  The plan is for it to be my home office when I can make it warm enough!  =)


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