Is Anyone Out There?

I haven’t heard much from all of you lately.  Although it can be useful to use this blog as a personal sounding board, it’s even more fun to hear from each of you!  =)

A little bit about us:

Musician (the oldest) is now officially a musician.  He supports himself by working with the second eldest.  His music is very trendy and electronic, and he is very gifted.

Woodworker (next in line) has his own business taking down old buildings and is doing quite well for himself.

Scientist is experimenting with a variety of work – from Soda Fountain manager to jewelry sales to ranch work.  I’m not sure where he will settle.  He is the most fond of our farm and very helpful with the animals.

Artist works at a bakery as the head cook.  She does an excellent job, but it’s very stressful for a young person.

Little Mama (the baby) is a babysitter – when she works.  She is the only one still in “school” so that also takes some of her time.

Daddy is finishing up his year of Fly-Fishing Guiding and doing some much needed work on the exterior of the house.  It’s already looking amazing.

Mama (that’s me) takes time out here and there to be domestic, spends time with animals occasionally, takes the children on outings, hangs out with the family in the evenings, helps moms work from home and is rennovating her vintage camp-trailer.

Please comment with what you have been up to!



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