Confession Time



The last 24 hours was big for our country no matter how you look at it and regardless of who we voted or didn’t vote for.  It was the craziest election I ever remember and I’m not even sure I’m glad it’s over because there is still so much unrest and hate going on =(

It is the first time since “I don’t remember when” that I voted.  It’s not even that I wanted a certain candidate, but more that I didn’t want the other candidate.

And now that a candidate has been chosen by the people, I don’t really know what I think. I know what is being said.   Those who voted for him are saying he will make us great again.  That *is* what he said in his campaigns.  But what does that mean?  And did he mean it, or was he just saying what he needed to in order to get the votes?  Some are saying he is chosen by the Father.  Maybe.  It’s possible.

I have seen a lot of people who were for the other candidate say some things that I greatly respect. That they will make the best of it.  That they will give him a chance.  That we need to all come together.  That we need to stop being democrats and republicans and just be Americans.

The conspiracies are already starting.  That the man of the hour is I11uminati and this was the plan all along.  That it was predicted 16 years ago… and on and on.

I’m so tired of all of it!  How about you?

I just needed to vent.  Tomorrow is another day.  I’ll close with this image I snagged off of fb…

One more thing.  It seems that what this election showed us more than anything else is not that we wanted a certain person in leadership, but that we are tired of the same old choices our parties have given us – basically two heads of the same creature.




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