Hanukkah – Feast of Dedication


To celebrate or not to celebrate, that is the question.

Actually, HOW to celebrate…

In the past, we have had a hanukkiah and dreidels, eaten fried foods and lit the candles each night.

A friend is thinking of celebrating/studying the 7 days of creation, 1 each day and then not sure what on the 8th day.

I  believe the origin of Hanukkah itself is *not* pagan and is ok to celebrate.  I LOVE to celebrate and there is very little left that does not have pagan origins.  I don’t celebrate any Hallmark holidays, birthdays, etc.  But I would like to celebrate Hannukah this year!

Here are the facts according to the historical accounts in Maccabees:

  • They celebrated for 8 days
  • they lit the Menorah on the first day
  • There was a military victory

The dreidel is a traditional added later and said to be in remembrance of  when the Jews were secretly playing a game with the gambling piece (the dreidel) that taught them Hebrew letters and ways.


The gifts were added even later to make the celebration more like xmas.

The Miracle of the Oil is pretty much known to be legend and myth.  Here is what Josephus has to say about the miracle of hanukkah:

The “miracle of Hanukkah” refers not to burning oil but to the gaining against all odds of the freedom to worship and to follow ancestral customs

Here is some more info I found in a search today:


I’m curious as to what you all do?  Suggestions?  How do you feel about Hannukah?  The dreidel, hanukkiah, miracle of the oil, gifts, etc?

2 thoughts on “Hanukkah – Feast of Dedication

  1. abbeyrichards says:

    I like the idea of each day celebrating a day of creation each day—and the 8th day—is well…. the GREAT DAY!! Because the Feast of Dedication was celebrated because they had not been able to keep the Feasts, it was a postponed Sukkot.

    We have celebrated in many ways in the past, but have always focused on the Maccabee account more than anything. No need to pick up other stuff—I mean have you READ THAT book!! WOW!!! Just thinking of Hannah and her sons brings me to tears!

    If there is ever a time when we need believers to read the passion, dedication and trails of the people of that time I think it is now!!!

    We light both a 9 and 7 branch menorah each night, and we do eat our yearly homemade donuts and a few hash browns ;). We participate in the “extra’s” if we attend a gathering. We do not do gifts– but other family members try to honor us and send them in place of Christmas gifts.

    Because we live in the North and winter gets cold, dark and LONG I try and purchase new games for our family to enjoy during the evenings as we celebrate.
    We have a few special books/stories we read each year that keep to the Maccabee account.

    We love to celebrate this Feast and all things honoring YHVH–and although not a commanded Feast we feel it is a wonderful way to remember those who fought so hard for us to have our freedoms to worship.

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