Musing from the Mountain

I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself to you, the lovely readers of “At Home with Kare!”  My name is Trish and I am writing for you from the mountains of Montana.  I grew up in the midwest and am a country girl at heart.  I’m in my 20th year of marriage to a great guy and we have wild and adventurous kids.  I’m also a full-time working and homeschooling mom.

I hope to share with you about a variety of topics.  My husband is in law enforcement so sometimes you might hear me express some things about our experiences in the law enforcement world.  Some days I might write about the challenges of juggling full-time work and homeschooling.  My teens are a constant source of entertainment, so brace yourselves because we’re a little bit redneck and some crazy things happen around here!  I’m also an avid chef and baker and we love the living a traditional lifestyle as much as possible.  Early in our marriage, we spent several years ranching, and even though we’re removed from the ranching world these days, we’re still just country-bumpkins.  We try to cook traditionally and do things the old ways around here, so sometimes I might chat about that.

Mostly though, my passion is discussing faith, relationships, and finding balance in life.  I was raised in the Christian world and about 13 years ago, switched to a religious tradition called Messianic Judaism.  I’m deeply into studying history and theology and you’ll often hear me discussing Christianity, Messianic Judaism, and Judaism because the three are so intertwined.  My faith is what centers me and although our lives are definitely not without challenge, I feel we’re so blessed and am excited to share a bit of our journey with you!

I’d love to hear a bit about you if you’d like to share, dear friends!  I’d also love to hear some things that you’re interested in reading about…why are you here?  I can’t wait to get to know you more!

♥ Trish



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