Monday Minute – Outdoor Hygge

I have blogged on this topic before.  It’s a favorite of mine!  It encompasses nearly every aspect of my life!  You can read that hygge article  here, where I define it and explain why I am so passionate about it.

Today I want to talk about creating a hygge outdoor space.

Where we live, summers are short, so it’s important to make every moment count!

The first step in creating your hygge space is to decide what you want it to be used for.  Will it be a quite place to read?  A place for the family to gather? Will you nap there?

After you have that part figured out, you can add the furniture.  I utilize local second- hand shops as much as I can.  There are many hidden treasures at great prices if you know where to look!  I highly recommend a hammock.  In my opinion it is one of the best outdoor luxuries and is very versatile.  I have two types.  One is the traditional long hammock, which I purchased in Panama.  Mine is tied to the railing on the front porch.


The second one is an upright hammock, which I purchased at a local art/craft show.  It resides on the back patio.  There is nothing like a hammock and a refreshing iced drink on a hot summer day.


I also recommend an outdoor fire pit.  Ours is in the corner here. We also want to get one for the back patio.  These can be purchased at Home Depot, Murdochs, or similar stores.  They create an atmosphere that draws people to sit down and chat.  It’s especially lovely if music is involved – guitar, fiddle, singing.  Add s’mores and it’s even better!

And my third recommendation is twinkle lights and sparkles.  I bought our copper-wired twinkle lights on Amazon.  You can buy the same type of solar powered twinkle lights here. ( I receive a tiny commission if you use this link – thank you!  😄)  The ones we have are solar powered.  They soak up the sun all day and shine all night.  I have them wrapped around the porch railing and leave them up all year round.  Also, if you look closely in the second photo up, there are some blue stones.  These are glow-in-the-dark stones that I have thrown on top of the gravel.  They aren’t super bright and I’m not sure how impressed I am with them, but they do glow a little bit.  On my list of things to get, is crushed glass.  The recycling plant used to sell it, but I’m not sure if they do anymore.  This glass is made from recycled glass and is crushed in a way that it sparkles and adds color, but does not cut.  I will also throw that in the gravel when I can locate a source.

What do you do to create a hygge (cozy) outdoor space at your house?  Comment below!



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