Kitchen Remodel

As I posted previously, we downsized in the past 2 years and with most of the children on their own, there are now 3 of us (My husband, myself and our youngest daughter) living in a less than 800 square feet condo. Because it was somewhat of a fixer-upper, we got a great price and have been slowly making improvements. Flooring was first, everywhere but the bedrooms; and the kitchen is happening right now.

Our old kitchen cupboards were in fairly good shape, so we donated them to Habitat for Humanity. Here is a photo of them. Definitely dated, but you can see why we donated them instead of throwing them away. You can also see the old flooring from when we moved in. That seam in the middle of the room was necessary because the kitchen floor had layers and it was higher than the living room floor.

With the new kitchen the goal was investment/efficiency and beauty. The upper cupboards go to the ceiling, giving extra storage space. We also added a pantry for more storage and value… and the counter has been separated to create an island. We purchased an 18″ Edgestar efficiency dishwasher and downsized the sink from a 33″ double to a 23″ single Sinkology copper sink. The cupboards (ours are called Showplace EVO) are a beautiful rustic alder, which my husband chose. I think the knots are so cozy! We went for the natural finish with a Pendleton door style. The countertop will be replaced with a sparkly quartz countertop called Laneshaw, by Cambria. Pictures below are of the different steps leading to the final kitchen upgrade, including the rich Costco laminate flooring we put in last year.

NOTE: some of the above links are affiliate links. Purchasing through these links benefits us and we thank you so much for doing so!

The final picture here is of all the cupboards and dishwasher in place. That’s a temporary sink. It will be a couple of weeks before the countertops are installed and then the copper sink and the tile backsplash will be put in as well. The finished kitchen pictures will be in the second half of October! Stay tuned!

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