Health Care Alternatives

Our family has not ever had traditional health insurance, but for many years we had a health share option which paid for 5 of my pregnancies/births.  We never needed it for anything else.  We canceled it about 16 years ago.  When health coverage became mandatory over the last 4 years, the company we had used was no longer in business, so this year I did some research and found there are other companies who offer a health share option.

Our reasons for choosing health share:

  1. it is not one company getting rich and raising prices when you use it
  2. with health share, the individual members pay each others bills voluntarily.  It is organized by a group and is completely acceptable as a health insurance requirement with 0 bam a Care.
  3. it is much more affordable
  4. we do not have to pay for other peoples abortions or other things I do not agree with

Here is a comparison chart of the four Health Share companies I found.  Christian Health Share’s lowest option (far left) has the lowest monthly price, but it is more like a major medical.  If you are looking to have insurance ONLY to be “legal”, this would be your least expensive option.  Christian MediShare (far right) is also similar to a major medical, but it is quite expensive monthly and not officially accepted by 0 bam a Care, although they have never had an issue with it.  All of these programs have options to cover more than 125,000… but I did not cover that in the chart.

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 6.55.03 PM

I like Liberty Health Share (the average plan) because they cover some alternative health care (chiropractic, massage, etc) and because I can agree to their statement of beliefs.  However, I also found they did not cover all of the things they said they would cover.

What do you do for medical coverage?



Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 9.44.06 PM

I know I have been very absent and I’m not going to address that right now.  I just want to talk about “stuff”.  Do you have it?  Lately I’ve been watching a lot of YouTubers who downsized to living in a Sprinter Van.  They sold or gave away nearly everything.  I admire that.  I thought I was ready to do something like that… and one day I do hope to be.

We recently moved from 10 acres, 3 outbuildings and a 1700sf house to a single garage and a 1200sf house.  We are getting ready to downsize again to a single garage and a 700sf condo.  I guess it is happening in stages.  But as we pack it is a bit overwhelming to look at all the stuff that owns us.  We still need to declutter! We have kitchen gadgets, one set of dishes plus 6 plates, a trunk and several boxes of memorabilia, only one bookcase of books, an upper coat-closet worth of games, 2 sets of sheets for each bed, etc.  I really thought we were living pretty simply.  But when I think about even living in an RV, I just don’t know how we would get rid of everything… Furniture, no problem.  I’m not attached.  Photos?  Old letters?  Not so much.  At least not yet.

Anyone else have these 1st world problems?  What helps you get rid of the clutter?  Comment below!

Thoughts from Kare


micah_6_8_I have been silent for quite a while.  My heart is fragile, vulnerable and raw right now.  So much change in the past year.

But I am ever hopeful.

I know that our Father, our Creator is aware.  I know that He is All-Powerful.  I know that He is Merciful, Loving and Kind.

I know that this too, shall pass.

I know that I can allow my circumstances to break me, or to shape me.  I am choosing the latter.

Thank you so much for your support and care!  I hope to be back soon!

And I am very thankful for Trishia sharing with us.  She is a kindred spirit and a treasured friend!  I hope to have some other guests join us as well!


~ His humble servant,


PS  The verse posted here is my LIFE VERSE!




For the Love of Bread

In our family, we’ve had to deal with food sensitivities to eggs, dairy, gluten, and all other sorts of fun things.  Thankfully, we’ve been able to work through most of these through long-term healing diets and overall dietary changes and by keeping as much processed foods out of our diets as possible.  The last remaining sensitivity is gluten.  My daughter and I have been gluten free for a long time and recently started testing out using ancient grains to see if we can tolerate the gluten content in those grains.  So far, so good!

The thing we really missed is a good bread.  Gluten free breads really aren’t very nourishing.  Often, they’re made with high glycemic flours that equate to eating a bowl full of sugar…not exactly the best alternative!  Even when they’re homemade, they use a lot of starches to create a bread that is similar to the favorite conventional white bread.

Einkorn is our grain of choice to reintroduce gluten.  We’ve been culturing einkorn sourdough.  I was very excited to purchase a grain grinder recently so we can have a truly nutritious, fresh ground whole grain flour.  I’m loving working with the fresh ground flour and knowing I’m feeding my family the most nutritious food available.


Happy Sourdough Starter

Here’s my happy little bubbly sourdough starter.  It takes about a week to nourish a true, healthy starter and I think she loves our house because we keep the wood stove going all winter long!  I feed the starter every 12 hours or so, throwing in about 3/8 c. einkorn flour and 1/4 c. water.  If I don’t have a need to build it, before each feeding, I dump off half so I’m not feeding so much, however we use it to make sourdough pancakes, bread, and all sorts of goodies, so I’m often building a larger starter batch.  It smells so fresh and good!  Mmmmm.

When grinding grains, it’s best to measure by weight for recipes instead of by cup because fresh ground grain is often fluffier than store-bought flour.  If I have extra flour, I just store it in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.  This whole grain flour contains lots of fiber from the bran, as well as the healthy oils that grains naturally contain, and it’s naturally low-glycemic compared to white flours.  Store-bought flour also has to be specially processed to treat the oils because they go rancid very quickly (not healthy at all!)

I use a very easy no knead method of making sourdough bread with Einkorn.  This grain makes a very sticky dough, so the less you can touch it, the better!  Using the right tools is also really helpful!


Shaggy Sourdough Ball

I weigh out 720g of flour, stir in about 1 1/2 tsp salt, 1/4 c. starter, and 2 c. of warm water.  I just roughly mix these ingredients together using my favorite danish dough wisk, cover it with plastic wrap (so the top of the dough doesn’t dry and get a “crusty” layer on top), and let it sit and sour for about 8-12 hours until it’s risen some.  A true sourdough probably won’t double in size…mine usually grows by 2/3 or so.  Einkorn dough looks far more “golden” in color than traditional wheat.

After the dough rises, I liberally flour the counter and dump the dough out onto the floured surface.  A handy trick I’ve learned that really helps the sourdough action is to then sprinkle a tsp. of baking soda onto the dough.  Fold the dough over (with liberally floured hands) about 20 times or so to mix in the baking soda, adding more flour as needed.  The less folds, the better, but do thoroughly mix in the baking soda.  Wrap the dough in a floured linen couche (the stick dough doesn’t stick to this genius linen cloth!) and let rest for about 30 minutes.

In the meantime, preheat the oven to 450 degrees F. and put your dutch oven into the oven to preheat as well.  After approximately 30 minutes, pull the dutch oven out, flour the bottom and plunk in your rested sourdough.  If desired, put slits in the top of your dough to give it a break point while it rises during baking.  Reduce the heat of the oven down to 425 degrees F.  Bake the loaf for 45min – 1 hour (longer for high elevations) or until the loaf is a dark golden brown and sounds hollow when tapped.  For a softer crust, wrap the loaf in a tea towel while it cools on a rack, but if your family prefers a crustier loaf, don’t wrap it.

The souring of the dough pre-digests the grains for you making them more nourishing to the body, not to mention that this bread tastes AMAZING!  It’s really simple to make and really doesn’t take much hands-on time…just a little planning ahead.  It’s soft and chewy and gives you all the nutrients of the whole grain.  Let me know if you try it out…and if you’re in the area…I’ve got plenty of starter to share so swing in for some toast and tea and starter to take home!

♥ Trish

Musing from the Mountain

I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself to you, the lovely readers of “At Home with Kare!”  My name is Trish and I am writing for you from the mountains of Montana.  I grew up in the midwest and am a country girl at heart.  I’m in my 20th year of marriage to a great guy and we have wild and adventurous kids.  I’m also a full-time working and homeschooling mom.

I hope to share with you about a variety of topics.  My husband is in law enforcement so sometimes you might hear me express some things about our experiences in the law enforcement world.  Some days I might write about the challenges of juggling full-time work and homeschooling.  My teens are a constant source of entertainment, so brace yourselves because we’re a little bit redneck and some crazy things happen around here!  I’m also an avid chef and baker and we love the living a traditional lifestyle as much as possible.  Early in our marriage, we spent several years ranching, and even though we’re removed from the ranching world these days, we’re still just country-bumpkins.  We try to cook traditionally and do things the old ways around here, so sometimes I might chat about that.

Mostly though, my passion is discussing faith, relationships, and finding balance in life.  I was raised in the Christian world and about 13 years ago, switched to a religious tradition called Messianic Judaism.  I’m deeply into studying history and theology and you’ll often hear me discussing Christianity, Messianic Judaism, and Judaism because the three are so intertwined.  My faith is what centers me and although our lives are definitely not without challenge, I feel we’re so blessed and am excited to share a bit of our journey with you!

I’d love to hear a bit about you if you’d like to share, dear friends!  I’d also love to hear some things that you’re interested in reading about…why are you here?  I can’t wait to get to know you more!

♥ Trish