Since it seems I am nearing the end of my childbearing years = (  I am seeking a ministry for the Father that can also sometimes involve my children who are all teens or older.  The one that has been on my mind and heart for some time now involves my love for candles, soap, and essential oils as well as healing of the body, soul and spirit through diet, cleansing, confession, counseling, repentance and prayer.  I have some ideas of how to implement this based on how He has worked through me over the years, but would love input from any of you as to how you can potentially see Yah using me for His purposes.  If you see blind spots, strengths, gifts, or if He gives you a word for me… please feel free to share, preferably through the contact form…  =)  Thank you so much for any input!


Sojourning Together

Over the past month or so, 5 members of our family spent a LOT of time together on the road.  We visited at least 7 different families, ministering in each place as much as possible.  We butchered a hundred chickens, chopped and stacked wood, repaired fencing, put up garden vegetables, encouraged other believers, fellowshiped, received encouragement from other believers, helped with general housekeeping, transported a large load of food to a family for long term storage, stayed up late talking, did a lot of praying, repenting, Scripture study, experienced physical healing, played games, sang songs, wept, rejoiced, had a shard of deer bone shoved into our gas tank, slept sometimes, drove a lot, ministered to a homeless person more than once, swam, midrashed, went camping…

Through it all we learned better how to HEAR the voice of Yah, discovered more about having a pure heart and repentance, experienced unity of believers in the midst of diversity, felt the pain of rejection, attained new knowledge in many areas of Scripture, were exposed to intense evil that we could FEEL and hear, shouted and sang praise to Yah at full volume for TWO HOURS…

Whew!  Can you imagine all that in less than a month???  To say it was intense is an understatement, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything!


It  is 7:33AM MST on July 9 as I am posting this…  so in just over 2 hours this will take place.


Some very good points are made in the documentary below regarding the place of Sunday School and Youth Ministry

I seem to have a lot to say this week

If you have read my About Me page, you know that I have always admired the way the Amish live.  And the longer I live, the more I have realized that it should be the way of life for most people, at least on some level.  These articles are based on a book written years ago by an atheist, yet even he could see the damage that would come from the Industrial Revolution.  I hope that you will read these with an open heart and share them with passion.  It’s not too late.

If you don’t have time to read all four articles, may I suggest that you make the time to read the last one?  And then download it, print it, make copies, share it online…

But the best one of all: How the Industrial Revolution has Affected the Family 

I Was a Stranger and You Took Me In

Two days ago we had an unusual event happen in our house.

We were going about our daily life and suddenly someone noticed a young boy walking up the driveway. (It’s a pretty long driveway) As he got closer, we didn’t recognize him, but he came all the way up to the porch and was standing on the porch.  I went outside to talk to him.  He said he was just going for a walk.  I asked if his mom knew where he was and he indicated that she did… he looked cold, so I invited him in.

He sat down and I proceeded to ask him questions and in the process discovered that he was 9 years old, autistic and the name of his parents.  Because it was an unusual situation, I told him I would drive him home rather than have him walk.  He wasn’t dressed as warm as I would have liked – no hat, it was around 25-30º and besides, I wanted to talk to his mom.  He was here for maybe an hour.   He met the animals, looked at my sons airplanes, ate a muffin and we talked.  Then I asked if he was ready to go home and he was.

We pulled up to his house and I asked if his mom was inside.  He looked down the driveway and saw her pulling up, so I drove up to meet her.  She was in tears and on her cell phone.  She had been driving around looking for him.  I felt terrible.  In hindsight, I should have taken him home immediately, but I took him at his word that his mom knew where he was.  (sometimes I’m kinda dense) She and I talked for a few minutes and I apologized for not bringing him back sooner.  I also invited her and the other children over to come and visit us sometime and invited her for one of our Sunday afternoon teas.

In spite of the negative aspects of this situation, I believe that YHWH brought this young boy to our home for  a purpose.  I very much enjoyed meeting his mom, he has 3 other siblings, and I am excited to see what becomes of this!