Who is hasatan?

Xianity teaches a doctrine of the devil based on some verses in Isaiah. Many years ago someone gave me reason to look into this and in doing so, I reconsidered and understood that the “devil” was created as an evil being, not as an “angel” who rebelled.

A dear friend of mine and I are discussing various topics through email and today sent me this link. It is very thought provoking and I would love your feedback!  What are your thoughts on this subject?  What do you think about the ideas presented in the link?

Who is Satan?

Raw and Real

It has been one of those evenings.  So much going on.  Right now I just want to crawl in a hole and never come out.  At least not until I don’t feel like this any more.  Here are some of the reasons.  I hope you don’t mind if I let my guard down a little bit and share some of the behind the scenes stuff.

  1. My wonderful mom has had the flu for five days.  Not only is that normally unusual for average person to have the flu for that long, but my mom doesn’t get the flu.  She has been sleeping all day for five days.  My mom doesn’t do that.  To say I’m concerned is an understatement.
  2. There are things going on in our home that I am not at liberty to discuss, but they are hard things.  Very hard things.  Life changing kinds of hard things. Multiple things.  On many levels.
  3. My older dog has something going on in his nose.  He sneezes a lot, it is stuffed up, it is tender to the touch – it’s not a cold.  I’m not sure what is going on.  I am not one who believes in spending thousands of dollars or even hundreds, on surgery or even exploring what might be wrong for an animal, no matter how precious that animal is.  I will do everything within my power.  I will pray and anoint.  I will buy herbs and spend hours administering them.  But I draw a line when it comes to surgery or expensive vet visits.
  4. I am having a really difficult time adjusting to this season with my family.  The young people are all working and driving and therefore gone a lot.  It’s so hard on me after having them around me all day long for their first 18 years.  I miss them.
  5. Today for the first time in 26 years, they closed the river that my husband guides on.  This is his life and his way of making a living.  He thinks it will be closed until January.  We can definitely make it on what he has put aside and my income from my home business, but it is just another thing to add to the list.
  6. We just came back from a 14 day road trip and I’m still recuperating.  It was lovely seeing everyone, but even good stress is stress!
  7. I am researching and studying some very uncomfortable subjects which is weighing on me.

I think that covers everything.  I apologize for venting.  And I am SO thankful that tomorrow is SABBATH!  HalleluYah!

The Ministry

My latest discoveries have been about what a ministry is.  It started with a book by Dani Johnson titled “Spirit Driven Success”.  In the book she speaks of how the “church” leads us to believe that there is clergy and then there are the people.  The special ones are called into ministry and the rest of us do lesser jobs just to make money.  This is definitely the way I was conditioned, whether it was intentionally taught or not!

I thought I wanted to start a ministry of some kind.  My vocation would pay for the ministry, but in reality, the ministry was my purpose in life.  In fact, maybe you saw the tab on this blog that talks about my ministry.  I have since taken it down.

So is that the case?  Are those of us who are not full time pastors or missionaries really less useful in the kingdom?

According to my latest book I’m reading, God at Work, by Rich Marshall – no!  What an eye opener!  His view is that Israel had priests who served full time, but they also had kings.  The kings related to the people and brought them to the priests who related to the Father. Both were equally important.  Both fulfilled an important role in the nation and today to further the Kingdom.

So where does this leave us?  I believe that every aspect of our lives is an opportunity to minister to others, to reach out, to show kindness, to live as an example, to be a light.  In xianity it might be called lifestyle evangelism.  In Scripture and in the jewish way of thinking, it is how they have lived their lives for thousands of years.

I could expound on this so much more, but let this be a taste to whet your appetite.  =)

As always, comments are welcomed and encouraged!

Mandala’s and Yoga

I thought about posting this article about adult coloring books and mandalas on my fb page but then decided most of the readers there are probably not interested in hearing this.  I think ya’ll are open to other perspectives and learning, so I am sharing it here.

I know for me it was a real eye opener.  While it only mentions yoga in the comments, I included that in the title because I hope you will read through all the comments and take to heart what she says about Yoga and Mandalas.

PLEASE read this with an open mind.  I searched through several adult coloring books on Amazon and bought one that is produced by Christian Press and was extremely disappointed to find it has 8 mandalas in it.  I am tearing those pages out and burning them.  My next book I will need to take even more time to look through it!

I will not be posting any example of mandalas on here.  The author of the article has photos in her article, but I don’t feel comfortable doing that.  I did my own research on mandalas too and everything she says is spot on.

Folks, this is nothing to mess with!  I have many christian friends who unknowingly open themselves up to evil spirits through yoga, through thinking the spirits in their house are “cute” and “friendly” when they turn off lights in the house or move items around.  They might start out this way, but as the lady in the article states, eventually their true colors show and then it becomes frightening.

I hope you will take this warning to heart!  I am posting it because I kare about you.  Truly I do! =)