Yesterday morning, the morning after one of the world’s holidays for love, my daughter, Artist, opened up her instagram account to find out that a young man we know ended his own life.  He was 17 years old. This is the second person in the last 6 months that we knew personally.  In both cases I can remember the last time we saw them.

I need to tell you the story of how we know this young man.  It was almost 6 years ago.  My daughter was taking hunters ed (required in our state if you want to hunt) and I was attending with her because I have never had it either.  After one of the classes this boy and his sister came over and asked us why we were wearing dresses – were we Hutterite?  They were very polite, just curious.  This was the beginning…

Since we live out in the country and they live in town and we homeschool and they went to public school, we didn’t see them a lot, but every summer at the farmer’s market they would come by our table and say hello. (especially to my daughter).  They were very kind and very friendly.  Both had a genuine sweetness about them.

One day, a couple of years ago, this boy, now a polite and handsome young man, came over to our table at the market and was talking to both of us and asked ME if he could take my daughter out for pizza with their group – on a date.  Very unusual in these days.  I said as kindly as I could that I very much appreciated him asking me, but that we do not date.  I suggested that instead he could come over to our place and get to know our family.  He declined.

We still continued to see him.  He was ALWAYS friendly and kind.  The last time we saw him last summer, he was with a girlfriend walking around the market.  He stopped and talked to us, telling us about his plans to go to a police academy (or something like that).

I am feeling a heavy burden that we did not reach out MORE to this brother and sister.  I feel the pain of his sister as I read each of her posts on fb.  She is the one who found him.  Their mother is not in the picture.  I don’t know that story.  She is writing her feelings to him in letters on her fb account and we can all read them.  They are heart wrenching.  If my daughter and I are in an emotional state the past two days, I can’t even begin to fathom what his sister is going through.  I want to be there for her, but we haven’t been enough of a part of their lives for her to be comfortable with that.  I am still letting her know I am here.

New Opportunity

My daughters and I had the privilege of attending a banquet for our local pregnancy outreach center last night.  To say it touched my heart would be an understatement.

We heard the testimony of a young mom whose mind was changed and thus her life and her sons lives were changed because of this outreach.

We saw a live ultrasound of a 12 week old baby in utero.

And we had the fantastic opportunity to hear Carol Everett speak.  What a powerful testimony of forgiveness and the power of a changed life.

If you want to read her story, visit this page Carol Everett’s Story

Here is a review of her book, Blood Money

You can purchase it on Amazon

And here is a YouTube trailer of a new movie they made from the book

You can purchase the Video at

My oldest daughter and I decided that we are going to volunteer our time to help this ministry in any way possible.  It’s so easy to stay in our own safe little group , but there is a hurting world out there.

One of the things Carol spoke about was Planned Barrenhood, and no that’s not a typo.  The agenda begins in elementary school and it’s a powerful one.  Their aim is to gain the confidence of the youth and turn them against their parents.  The sad part to me, is that this battle actually began many years ago with a lady named Margaret Sanger.  You may know her as the founder of birth control and the organization which is really called Planned Parenthood.

You can read some of her opinions here.

My dear friend, can you see that birth control is not much different than abortion?  Can you see how that type of thinking paved the way for abortion?  After you read her arguments, you can see that they are all the same ones used when a woman wants an abortion.  Convenience.  The baby is unwanted.  Can’t afford it right now.  Etc…

I believe with all my  heart that children are a GIFT.    The woman who first promoted birth control had an agenda.  How CAN we agree with that agenda?

I do hope that you will strongly consider what you can do to promote awareness of this horrific act of abortion murder.    Let’s educate young girls and all women about the sweet little baby that is in the womb ~ a human life… What a blessing that little life is to those who open their heart to receive it and how tragic it is to end that precious, innocent life with a legal murder.


Fiddler on the Roof

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It’s been a busy week. Swimming lessons twice a week. And tomorrow we have company coming from New Guinea to spend a day and a night with us, so we have been extra busy cleaning. It feels so good when it’s done!

And now the girls and I are sitting down to watch Fiddler on the Roof.

It is so full of culture.. I found it interesting that in our economy we think we are so poor, yet one milk man supplied the entire village with milk. Each man was given a ladel full, about 2 cups I would guess. For his family to share? Or 5 daughters all living in the loft of the house, sharing a room together. How many families in America have come to that point? Maybe more than I know???