Yesterday morning, the morning after one of the world’s holidays for love, my daughter, Artist, opened up her instagram account to find out that a young man we know ended his own life.  He was 17 years old. This is the second person in the last 6 months that we knew personally.  In both cases I can remember the last time we saw them.

I need to tell you the story of how we know this young man.  It was almost 6 years ago.  My daughter was taking hunters ed (required in our state if you want to hunt) and I was attending with her because I have never had it either.  After one of the classes this boy and his sister came over and asked us why we wear dresses – were we Hutterite?  They were very polite, just curious.  This was the beginning…

Since we live out in the country and they live in town and we homeschool and they went to public school, we didn’t see them a lot, but every summer at the farmer’s market they would come by our table and say hello. (especially to my daughter).  They were very kind and very friendly.  Both had a sweetness about them that is unusual for the public school their generation.

One day, a couple of years ago, this boy, now a polite and handsome young man, came over to our table at the market and was talking to both of us and asked ME if he could take my daughter out for pizza with their group – on a date.  Very unusual in these days.  I said as kindly as I could that I very much appreciated him asking me, but that we do not date.  I suggested that instead he could come over to our place and get to know our family.  He declined.

We still continued to see him.  He was ALWAYS friendly and kind.  The last time we saw him last summer, he was with a girlfriend walking around the market.  He stopped and talked to us, telling us about his plans to go to a po1ice academy (or something like that).

I am feeling a heavy burden that we did not reach out MORE to this brother and sister.  I feel the pain of his sister as I read each of her posts on fb.  She is the one who found him.  Their mother is not in the picture.  I don’t know that story.  She is writing her feelings to him in letters on her fb account and we can all read them.  They are heart wrenching.  If my daughter and I are in an emotional state the past two days, I can’t even begin to fathom what his sister is going through.  I want to be there for her, but we haven’t been enough of a part of their lives for her to be comfortable with that.  I am still letting her know I am here.

Father, have compassion and kindness on this sweet young lady and draw her to Yourself! Comfort her in ways that only You can do!  I offer myself to be used in this situation however you see fit!


Something to Ponder



A friend of mine recently recommended listening to this (or reading it) and I am just now finishing up part two of the videos.  I wanted to share it with all of you as well.  It gives A LOT of things to consider.  I hope you find as much benefit as I have.  =)




Here is the PDF of the book “A Call to the Churches” by Boris Sorokovsky




A Bold Statement

I am going to step out on a limb and make a very bold statement today. I’m sure it won’t be a very popular one, but it is something I feel very strongly about! The topic is what we put into our bodies, and more specifically food and imm.unizati0ns.

The bold statement? I believe it is SIN, yes, I said SIN, to immunize and to eat some of the GM0 food. Why?

Read this article to learn why I feel this way about vac.cines

Read this article to learn why I feel this way about GM0

The bottom line is, putting aborted babies inside your body, or monkey cells, or poison, is a sin.  Eating something that changes your DNA would also be a sin.  Some GM0 food contains human DNA, so eating that would be akin to cannibalism, which is also a sin.

I think it’s a pretty simple idea.  What do you think?

oh. so. sad.

ran across this article today, which sadly describes the state of many that I know and many that you probably know as well. i do what i can to make changes, but i have to admit, it is discouraging when the majority do not want to hear it. this applies to so many areas:

the ec0n0my
corruption within churchianity
the future

the more i learn, the more i am convinced they are all tied together.

please read and comment.

He is Able

I continually find it amazing how the Creator can make Himself known to people.  Years ago, I read some books by Don Richardson titled “Peace Child”, “Lords of the Earth”,  and “Eternity in Their Hearts” which are about various unreached tribes.  Don Richardson tells of many of these tribes and the way YHVH has prepared them to hear His message of Salvation in the series of videos that starts with this one:

or this one, which is shorter

Each situation is different, yet YHVH provided a way to reach tribes such as the Azmat, the Yali, the Sawi, the Diak people of Anak Village and Mus1ims.

This past week I learned of yet another tribe, the Yanomamo tribe in the Amazon and a movie that has been made about them, titled “The Enemy God”. Incredibly, the Yanomamo tribe already knew about the Great Spirit, the Creator, and even of heaven before the missionaries came to them. Their evil spirits had taken the spiritual leader of the tribe into the spirit world and showed him the place that this Great Spirit lived. He was shown the crystal sea and the splendor of heaven, but he was told that this God was his enemy. However, he recognized that His Spirit was living in the missionaries because their spirit was void of all the evil other men had. This BLEW ME AWAY. If you want to watch it in more detail, buy the DVD for The Enemy God at their website. I must warn you however, I have heard it is very graphic. I haven’t seen the movie, just the testimonies that are included.

It will take some time to watch all of these, but I assure you, you will be blessed and humbled by the love of your Creator!