Frugal Friday: Saving on Laundry

There are several ways we save on laundry around our household.

First is how often we do laundry. Here is how we choose what and when to wash an item:

1. The only time an item of clothing goes into the laundry basket is if it smells or if it has a spot on it. It is not an automatic worn once and then washed.

2. Bathroom drip rugs, and towels are washed about once a week or every other week, depending on how many uses. If they smell musty, they are washed. Or if someone is sick.

3. Sheets and pillowcases are washed about once a month, unless otherwise needed.

4. Hand towels and kitchen towels, napkins and washcloths, bathroom washcloths also are washed every 2-3 days.

5. Blankets are only washed if someone is sick or if they are stained, so, rarely.

6. Curtains are washed once or twice per year.

7. Underwear are put in the laundry after every use.

8. Rags are washed as needed.

All of this adds up to about 2 average sized loads per week for my husband and I. A little bit more on the weeks we wash the sheets or towels. The exception is if someone is sick, then clothing, towels, sheets and washcloths are washed daily or when the person is well, depending on how many other people would be touching the item. Our one child who still lives with us does their own laundry, so I am not counting that.

The second way we save is by using an efficient washer. In our tiny home we do not own a full size washer, but the washer we have uses very little water or electricity.

Third, we use a concentrated laundry soap, which lasts a very long time and saves money.

And finally, we hang our clothes to dry. In the winter, we put up a rack in the bathroom by the heater and hang closet clothes on hangers to dry. In the summer, the rack goes out on the patio and several loads can dry in a few hours. I love the way clothes smell after they are hung out to dry!

I hope this helps! If you have any laundry saving tips, share with us! We love to hear from you!

Frugal Friday: Ways to Save $ on Groceries

My mom is the coupon queen. Seriously. There have been times where she had so many coupons that the grocery store actually gave HER money. Isn’t that crazy? But what about those of us who don’t shop for name brands? Here are a couple of ideas.

1. Buy in bulk whenever possible. Most grocery stores will order bulk rice, oats or other things for you if you pay up front. This will save you a TON of money. Be sure you have proper storage so these items don’t get stale. Often times bakeries have 5 gallon buckets with tight seal lids that they will sell for $1 or 2. They make great storage containers.

2. Costco can be a great way to buy in bulk. There is an annual membership fee, but they also pay you a percentage back on your shopping, so you should at least break even. Not to mention you get to snack for free at all the demo booths!

3. Don’t shop the middle aisles. This is where the higher priced items are *and* the not as healthy items. The exterior aisles are the best for you and your budget.

4. Eat less meat and dairy. You have probably noticed that prices in both of these departments have skyrocketed. We really don’t need either of these food groups as much as we think. Our family has cut down meat consumption to about 2 days per week and it really helps out the budget. Plus it’s healthy!

5. Skip the paper products and plastic bags. (Except for toilet paper, lol). We use rags instead of paper towels and cloth napkins instead of paper napkins. This saves a TON of money. We also purchased a wire rack that hangs inside the cupboard under the sink and uses grocery store bags. You can buy your over the cabinet plastic bag holder HERE. (We make a tiny percentage when you purchase through this link) This is our kitchen garbage bag. It’s small, so has to be take out often, but the bags are FREE. We just reuse our grocery bags! We also use these to line the other garbage cans in the house.

5. Use the Fetch Rewards App. You’ll save on thousands of products EVERY time they’re on your receipt. Enter my referral code, AE5QR at the sign-up screen and you’ll get 2000 Fetch Points ($2 in points!) when you complete one receipt. Download it here.

6. Shop from home. This will save you gas money, time and you won’t be tempted at the checkout by all the last minute items. We shop monthly at a private online shopping club and in addition to these savings, we have also earned back almost $2000 in the past 4 years. It’s amazing!

What is your favorite place to shop bulk?


Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 9.44.06 PM

I know I have been very absent and I’m not going to address that right now.  I just want to talk about “stuff”.  Do you have it?  Lately I’ve been watching a lot of YouTubers who downsized to living in a Sprinter Van.  They sold or gave away nearly everything.  I admire that.  I thought I was ready to do something like that… and one day I do hope to be.

We recently moved from 10 acres, 3 outbuildings and a 1700sf house to a single garage and a 1200sf house.  We are getting ready to downsize again to a single garage and a 700sf condo.  I guess it is happening in stages.  But as we pack it is a bit overwhelming to look at all the stuff that owns us.  We still need to declutter! We have kitchen gadgets, one set of dishes plus 6 plates, a trunk and several boxes of memorabilia, only one bookcase of books, an upper coat-closet worth of games, 2 sets of sheets for each bed, etc.  I really thought we were living pretty simply.  But when I think about even living in an RV, I just don’t know how we would get rid of everything… Furniture, no problem.  I’m not attached.  Photos?  Old letters?  Not so much.  At least not yet.

Anyone else have these 1st world problems?  What helps you get rid of the clutter?  Comment below!

It’s Prime Time

Depending on your age, that phrase will mean different things to you.  =)  What I’m talking about today, however, is Amazon Prime.

Do you enjoy Amazon shopping?  Shopping online?  Just in case there is someone out there who hasn’t heard of this before, let me tell you about the benefits.

  • You can order anything you want in the Amazon Prime category at the Amazon website and have FREE two-day shipping… even if it’s only one item!  Isn’t that crazy?
  • You have access to Amazon Prime Videos, which is similar to Netflix… except it’s included with Amazon Prime.
  • They have an app for your smart device
  • You can earn 5% back if you use the Amazon Prime credit card.
  • They have a referral program
  • Every year on PRIME DAY, you will be offered special deals available to no one else. Deals on Audible, Kindle Unlimited, Amazon Video, Amazon Music and Amazon Shopping for electronics, wedding or baby registry, home services and MORE!


Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 7.18.58 AM


Guess what?  Prime Day is TODAY!  If you are already a member, check it out!  If not, go join Amazon Prime and take a look at those deals!


**At Home With Kare makes a tiny commission on Amazon referrals.  Thank you for helping our family by clicking on our links =)

Oatmeal, it’s what’s for breakfast

I have to admit, oatmeal used to be one of my least favorite breakfasts – unless it was maple oatmeal from a packet.  But I have learned to really like it a lot!  It is just SOOO healthy!

This is the way I have been eating it nearly every morning.


The one at the top right is mine.  It is raw steel-cut oat flakes topped with organic dried cranberries, raw pumpkin seeds, 4 or 5 apricot seeds, a handful of raw almonds, a large handful of large coconut flakes, a small handful of ENJOY LIFE mini chocolate chips (they are gluten free, dairy free, nut free and soy free!), 1/2 banana sliced, a sprinkle of chia seeds, a pinch of bee pollen, frozen blueberries, a drizzle of unsulphured organic molasses and a spoonful of raw honey.  Then I top it with milk.  YUM.

My husband has started to eat it every morning too!  It just does a body good, ya know?  His is on the left.  He eats the same type of oats, bananas, coconut flakes and chia seeds, but he varies his with raisins and pecans instead of all my other stuff.  He likes his sprinkled with raw organic sugar and topped with milk.

I like to have grapefruit also.  First.  Grapefruit first…before the sweet breakfast.  If you have ever tried it the other way around, you know why I am emphasizing that.  =)

My grandmother, who lived to be 98 years young, ate oatmeal with raisins for breakfast every single day for the last several years of her life.  She loved it.  I believe it is part of the reason she lived so long.  And she was healthy and mentally alert right up until the end!

I have to admit.  I don’t eat them every single day.  Sometimes I have french toast, an omelet, waffles, pancakes or on festive days maybe a cinnamon roll… but *most* days, it is this healthy, delicious oatmeal.

Why eat oatmeal for breakfast?

Here’s a quote from Healthy Eating that pretty much sums it up.

Steel cut oats differ from old-fashioned, rolled oats in only one way: Steel cut oats are not rolled flat into flakes. Instead, the whole toasted oat grain, or groat, that is used to produce rolled oats is cut into thirds to yield steel cut oats. Steel cut oats — also called Scotch, Irish or Pinhead oats — are nearly identical to old-fashioned, rolled oats in nutrition. Regularly eating steel cut oats gives you the same health benefits as rolled oats, says Monica Reinagel, MS, LD/N. A diet that includes oats may decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

If you want more details, just click here and head over to their page to read more about it.  In summary, eating oats contributes to a longer, healthier life.

DISCLAIMER:  The link in this post to the ENJOY LIFE mini chocolate chips takes you to my Amazon store.  They will pay me a tiny commission for sending you over to them to buy it.