This is amazing!

There are a lot of things I appreciate about this teaching.  It is not full of infomercials!  It is FASCINATING!  It goes right along with what I have been studying/learning about frequencies.  I LOVE it!  I will definitely be listening to more of her teachings!  And I am on a hunt for linen!

My Sweet Girls

Yesterday, while my 10 and 12 year old girls and I were thrift-shopping, I had the privilege of receiving one of the highest compliments I could receive.  A retired business man approached me and commented on my daughters – their manners, their appearance, their beauty, etc.  He proceeded to compare them to todays youth and the sharp contrast he saw there.  I was honored.  We talked for a while about education, morality, and more and when the girls and I got back in the car, I thanked them for honoring me by their behavior.  What a blessing!  The thing is, as I observed them while he was talking, they were just being themselves.  Looking for skirts to buy and asking the store owner questions.

If you are anything like me, you wonder from time to time how you are doing in raising your children.  I don’t like to compare them to other youth, but rather to my own standards I have set.  I told the man what a blessing they were and that I was thankful  for these precious daughters..

Gianna Jessen

I was at my parents home last night and Gianna was being interviewed on a radio program.  She made quite an impression on me, so I looked her up online today and found this testimony.  She has many other videos on YouTube as well as a website at   She also mentioned during the interview that she is making a CD of her songs.  I will be purchasing that CD. =)

Please enjoy this powerful testimony of a woman who has given her life completely to her Creator and speaks out regardless of what others think.  She is an example to all of us.  Thank you, Gianna.

Part One

Part Two

Jackie Evancho – the Hits Keep on Coming

My mother-in-law told me this week that there was a new 10 year old upcoming opera star on America’s Got Talent, so I looked it up on YouTube today and found this:

Jackie and her family have received a lot of flack from the public, but obviously enough people liked her to get her to the finals.  I’ll join that crowd.  This young lady has got talent.  Angelic, heavenly, amazing… it all fits!