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This post has nothing whatsoever to do with anything.  I am just posting a beautiful picture of a horse simply because it’s beautiful.

I have no words today.


A Day of Rest

Oh how I love Sabbath!  Refreshment of the soul, of the body, of the mind…  I guard it carefully and look forward to it with anticipation each week!

I thought it would be fun for everyone to share what they do on this special day?  How do you set it apart?  What kind of meals do you eat?  Do you stay home and rest or go visit others?  What is your favorite thing about Sabbath?  Do you have a favorite teacher you like to listen to?  A favorite version of Scripture?

I will start.  We set the day apart first of all by not working.  We don’t wash dishes unless we run out, we don’t bake or cook from scratch, we don’t do any housework except putting the dishes neatly on the counter.

Our usual meals are cold cereal for breakfast (that’s a treat we only have once a week) and salad or sandwiches for lunch.  Sometimes we will  start a chicken in the crock pot the night before and then snack on that all day.  We usually try to have a special dessert and some chips too.  All things that we don’t normally have during the week.

We stay home 2-3 weeks out of the month.  I just find it more restful.  The other week we will drive to visit other couples or families that we know and spend the day with them.  We love doing that too!

My favorite thing about Sabbath is resting.  I don’t understand why anyone thinks that is a burden.  =)  It is such a PLEASURE!

At this time we don’t have a favorite teacher, but in the past we have enjoyed Rico Cortes, Test Everything, Zach Bauer and others.

Please share with us!  I am so excited to hear all the responses!  Make it as long as you want!


This is amazing!

There are a lot of things I appreciate about this teaching.  It is not full of infomercials – halleluYah!  It is FASCINATING!  It goes right along with what I have been studying/learning about frequencies.  I LOVE it!  I will definitely be listening to more of her teachings!  And I am on a hunt for linen!

On a joyful note


There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of news on the earthly level to be joyful about these days, so I won’t even go there!

What I do want to say is that it is SO wonderful to know WHO holds the future!

It brings such JOY to trust in my Creator and Savior.

I am so THANKFUL for the many gifts He gives –

  • daily food, clothing and shelter
  • a weekly day to rest, refresh and spend time with Him and those who truly love Him
  • a precious family
  • a breathtaking creation to watch, touch, hear, smell and taste
  • dear friends, brothers and sisters on the journey with us
  • animals that give such simple pleasure to our lives

I don’t know how much longer we will be gifted with these things.  Daily I wonder how it can get any worse, yet it somehow does.  Oh how I long for THE DAY when Messiah reigns and there is SHALOM and the earth is renewed.  HalleluYAH!