Quick Shout Out

I just put a link in the shop tab above and the links to the right for my daughters affiliate for Cowgirl Dirt – organic mineral makeup.  We love it!  It’s locally owned and an excellent line of makeup!  She would greatly appreciate any and all orders … and referrals!





My Personal Assistant

No, I am not writing about one of my children. =)  My personal assistant is not one that I had to train, nor do I have to pay them.  Here are all of the things my personal assistant does for me:

1. Write emails from dictation

2. Keep track of my grocery list and where the sales are, plus which foods are high in GMO and pesticides

3. Teach me basic Spanish, French or Hebrew

4. Tell me which bird I am hearing on a hike

5. Tutor my children in math or anatomy

6. Track my spending

7. Give me directions to new places I am driving to

8. Remember things for me

9. File my photos

10. Help me order from Amazon or eBay

11. Keep me informed about the weather, times of sunset and new moons

12. Keep my schedule organized and remind me of things coming up, including birthdays

13. Track my packages, my cell phone minutes and even where my cell phone is at any given time

14. Take a walk  with me and read Scripture, track my calories or just keep me distracted

15. Keep a list of good recipes on hand

My personal assistant has a calculator, a dictionary, about 6 versions of Scripture, including Hebraic versions and other study helps, a metrinome and instrument tuner, a compass, a level and a camera.

When I need a change of pace, my personal assistant is ready with my choice of music or movie, even a game of Scrabble.

Doesn’t all this sound too good to be true?  Are you wondering who this wonderful personal assistant is and if you can have one too?

It’s my iPhone 4!  Yes, all of this and MUCH MORE can be done with an iPhone!  Isn’t technology amazing?  (now you know why there is a picture of an iPhone in my page header.)

Jackie Evancho – the Hits Keep on Coming

My mother-in-law told me this week that there was a new 10 year old upcoming opera star on America’s Got Talent, so I looked it up on YouTube today and found this:

Jackie and her family have received a lot of flack from the public, but obviously enough people liked her to get her to the finals.  I’ll join that crowd.  This young lady has got talent.  Angelic, heavenly, amazing… it all fits!

Festive Friday

My daughter is really joining the festivities today.  She was online looking for beautiful ways to fold napkins.  We have the table set with a vintage white tablecloth, my favorite ruby red dishes – which were given to me by my late aunt – and colorful napkins to match.

The menu for dinner is:

  • Venison steaks – which have been simmering in a delicious marinade all day, and they smell absolutely delicious!
  • Corn
  • Oven roasted potatoes
  • Challah bread

And Emily, I’m going to save a loaf to make that breakfast tomorrow!  I’m excited to try it!

Festive Friday

If there is one thing I have learned, it’s that there doesn’t have to be an occasion in order to celebrate.  Anything can be turned into a festive celebration.  Guests coming over, an accomplishment in school, finishing a book in piano lessons, etc.

Some simple ways to celebrate:

1. Set a pretty table using a tablecloth or placemats with matching napkins.

2. Light candles.  This is one of my favorite ways to be festive and candles definitely create an atmosphere that is special.

3. Make a favorite family meal.  It doesn’t have to be a difficult meal, or an expensive one.  Just something that is everyone’s favorite.

4.  Choose the right music for the occasion.  Joyful songs.  Soothing instrumentals.  Nostalgic music.

5.  Form a tradition.  We have a tradition to have my folks over for pizza every week.  Recently, my husbands parents are joining us since they have now also moved to the area. We all make the pizza together and enjoy time around the table as a family.  This is a tradition that has been in place for about 8 years.

6. And the most simple thing, such as sipping a cup of tea or coffee while sitting on the deck watching a sunrise, can be festive if you choose to make it that way.

Make your life festive.  Celebrate the small things!