The Ministry

My latest discoveries have been about what a ministry is.  It started with a book by Dani Johnson titled “Spirit Driven Success”.  In the book she speaks of how the “church” leads us to believe that there is clergy and then there are the people.  The special ones are called into ministry and the rest of us do lesser jobs just to make money.  This is definitely the way I was conditioned, whether it was intentionally taught or not!

I thought I wanted to start a ministry of some kind.  My vocation would pay for the ministry, but in reality, the ministry was my purpose in life.  In fact, maybe you saw the tab on this blog that talks about my ministry.  I have since taken it down.

So is that the case?  Are those of us who are not full time pastors or missionaries really less useful in the kingdom?

According to my latest book I’m reading, God at Work, by Rich Marshall – no!  What an eye opener!  His view is that Israel had priests who served full time, but they also had kings.  The kings related to the people and brought them to the priests who related to the Father. Both were equally important.  Both fulfilled an important role in the nation and today to further the Kingdom.

So where does this leave us?  I believe that every aspect of our lives is an opportunity to minister to others, to reach out, to show kindness, to live as an example, to be a light.  In xianity it might be called lifestyle evangelism.  In Scripture and in the jewish way of thinking, it is how they have lived their lives for thousands of years.

I could expound on this so much more, but let this be a taste to whet your appetite.  =)

As always, comments are welcomed and encouraged!


Quick Shout Out

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On a joyful note


There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of news on the earthly level to be joyful about these days, so I won’t even go there!

What I do want to say is that it is SO wonderful to know WHO holds the future!

It brings such JOY to trust in my Creator and Savior.

I am so THANKFUL for the many gifts He gives –

  • daily food, clothing and shelter
  • a weekly day to rest, refresh and spend time with Him and those who truly love Him
  • a precious family
  • a breathtaking creation to watch, touch, hear, smell and taste
  • dear friends, brothers and sisters on the journey with us
  • animals that give such simple pleasure to our lives

I don’t know how much longer we will be gifted with these things.  Daily I wonder how it can get any worse, yet it somehow does.  Oh how I long for THE DAY when Messiah reigns and there is SHALOM and the earth is renewed.  HalleluYAH!

Journey From Sickness to Health

You might have heard of Jordan Rubin, author of the Maker’s Diet and founder of Garden of Life.  In April of this year, he started a new company, and in these videos he shares his passion about his vision for health, the company and the world.  Jordan encourages eating food that is biblically kosher and his meat is slaughtered accordingly.  I hope you will enjoy these as he reveals his heart and his passion for our Father.

Part One

Part Two

Want to find out more about Jordan’s new company? We have partnered with him as Mission Marketers to help spread the message of LIFE.

Check out Beyond Organic Living

My Personal Assistant

No, I am not writing about one of my children. =)  My personal assistant is not one that I had to train, nor do I have to pay them.  Here are all of the things my personal assistant does for me:

1. Write emails from dictation

2. Keep track of my grocery list and where the sales are, plus which foods are high in GMO and pesticides

3. Teach me basic Spanish, French or Hebrew

4. Tell me which bird I am hearing on a hike

5. Tutor my children in math or anatomy

6. Track my spending

7. Give me directions to new places I am driving to

8. Remember things for me

9. File my photos

10. Help me order from Amazon or eBay

11. Keep me informed about the weather, times of sunset and new moons

12. Keep my schedule organized and remind me of things coming up, including birthdays

13. Track my packages, my cell phone minutes and even where my cell phone is at any given time

14. Take a walk  with me and read Scripture, track my calories or just keep me distracted

15. Keep a list of good recipes on hand

My personal assistant has a calculator, a dictionary, about 6 versions of Scripture, including Hebraic versions and other study helps, a metrinome and instrument tuner, a compass, a level and a camera.

When I need a change of pace, my personal assistant is ready with my choice of music or movie, even a game of Scrabble.

Doesn’t all this sound too good to be true?  Are you wondering who this wonderful personal assistant is and if you can have one too?

It’s my iPhone 4!  Yes, all of this and MUCH MORE can be done with an iPhone!  Isn’t technology amazing?  (now you know why there is a picture of an iPhone in my page header.)