Email and Internet Trivia

Did You Know?

1.   A hacker can get into a public email account (yahoo, hotmail,, etc) and change your password and then you can never get in and they have access to all of your emails and your contacts

Verify this: It happened to my friend.  The hacker emailed all of her friends (I got one) and asked for money, claiming to have left a wallet somewhere.
What to do: see #1

2. A hacker can get into your paypal account and make a payment online using your money

Verify this: It happened to me
What to do:  Change your password frequently.  Don’t go to paypal through any email.  Don’t write your password down on your computer or use the remember feature.  Call your bank immediately if it happens.

3. A hacker can use your FB account to email all your FB “friends” asking for emergency money and make it look like it is from you

Verify this: It happened to someone I know…  the hacker received money from her friends and she had to figure out what to do… she is no longer using FB
What to do: see #2

**Please be very careful what you do and say online.  Email is as public as a newspaper and there are EYES and EARS EVERYWHERE!**

Book Recall

I was snooping around the internet and ran across this article about a recall on all children’s books previous to 1986.  The reason?  Unsafe levels of lead.

You’ve got to see this for yourself…

Then post your thoughts here.  Do you think there is really lead in the ink?  Will you participate in the recall?  What is your local library doing?