Something to Ponder



A friend of mine recently recommended listening to this (or reading it) and I am just now finishing up part two of the videos.  I wanted to share it with all of you as well.  It gives A LOT of things to consider.  I hope you find as much benefit as I have.  =)




Here is the PDF of the book “A Call to the Churches” by Boris Sorokovsky





Do You Feel It?

Change is coming.  It has been coming for some time.  Predicted by those who know for so many years that people have become numb and skeptical.  However, it is now to the point that nearly everyone is becoming aware.

The question is…

Are you ready?

is your heart pure before the Creator?

is your life in order?

are your finances in order?

do you have a plan?

are you educated or indoctrinated?


If not, start NOW.  Read between the lines.  Don’t ever fall for the official story.  Do your homework.  Be prepared.  Don’t panic.


MOST IMPORTANT: make sure you are walking according to our Fathers instructions and listening to His voice.

Deuteronomy 26image



A Bold Statement

I am going to step out on a limb and make a very bold statement today. I’m sure it won’t be a very popular one, but it is something I feel very strongly about! The topic is what we put into our bodies, and more specifically food and imm.unizati0ns.

The bold statement? I believe it is SIN, yes, I said SIN, to immunize and to eat some of the GM0 food. Why?

Read this article to learn why I feel this way about vac.cines

Read this article to learn why I feel this way about GM0

The bottom line is, putting aborted babies inside your body, or monkey cells, or poison, is a sin.  Eating something that changes your DNA would also be a sin.  Some GM0 food contains human DNA, so eating that would be akin to cannibalism, which is also a sin.

I think it’s a pretty simple idea.  What do you think?


Sorry folks for the break.  It was much needed and thank you for being patient! =)

I am not going to make this a long post, just a quick pop in to recommend a teaching I found this week.  A couple of years ago I wrote a post about the 01ympics here.   I had zero interest in watching this year, so all I heard were a few tidbits about the closing and at someone’s house I saw a couple of minutes of swimming.  Because of this, what I heard in this teaching absolutely BLEW ME AWAY.

So, prepare yourself.  Not only is it several hours long, but it is very intense.  In fact, I caution you not to listen unless you are completely transparent with our Creator, sin confessed (nothing standing between you and Him), walking in His way, trusting in Him alone for your Salvation and have asked for spiritual protection.  Yes, it’s that intense.  Better yet, if your husband will do it, have him listen with you.

Here is the link.  I will not be taking comments on this post, but you are welcome to contact me here with your comments.