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I know I have been very absent and I’m not going to address that right now.  I just want to talk about “stuff”.  Do you have it?  Lately I’ve been watching a lot of YouTubers who downsized to living in a Sprinter Van.  They sold or gave away nearly everything.  I admire that.  I thought I was ready to do something like that… and one day I do hope to be.

We recently moved from 10 acres, 3 outbuildings and a 1700sf house to a single garage and a 1200sf house.  We are getting ready to downsize again to a single garage and a 700sf condo.  I guess it is happening in stages.  But as we pack it is a bit overwhelming to look at all the stuff that owns us.  We still need to declutter! We have kitchen gadgets, one set of dishes plus 6 plates, a trunk and several boxes of memorabilia, only one bookcase of books, an upper coat-closet worth of games, 2 sets of sheets for each bed, etc.  I really thought we were living pretty simply.  But when I think about even living in an RV, I just don’t know how we would get rid of everything… Furniture, no problem.  I’m not attached.  Photos?  Old letters?  Not so much.  At least not yet.

Anyone else have these 1st world problems?  What helps you get rid of the clutter?  Comment below!

Another New Household Member

I’ve been wanting another dog for a while.  We tried a couple of years ago, but it didn’t go so well.  I really thought I wanted a gentle giant, like a Newfypoo… but they are all far away and shipping costs as much as the dog!

So I began looking locally for a poodle mix of some sort.  Even though I have the $, I really didn’t want to pay $800 for a dog.  I looked at all the shelters within 5 hours – mostly lab mixes or ranch dog mixes.  And then I saw him.  =)

He was on Facebook on a pets for rehoming page and I inquired on May 31st, but then I thought he was in Oregon, so I said never mind.  It took the owner until June 13th to respond to me (probably because the message was in her “other” folder)  She was in Montana!  She had someone coming to look at him on the weekend, so I had to wait… and wait…  I knew that if the Father wanted me to have this dog, He would work it out.  I stayed in touch with the owner to let them know I was interested and then finally the day came!  On Monday, June 20th, he came to live with us for a fraction of the cost of a registered poodle.

He’s a miniature poodle.  I think the color would be considered cream.  I admit it, I love poodles.  I have had a Tiny Toy Poodle for 11 years and he is an amazing dog.  In the five days that Driggs has been here, he has been just as amazing.  He is sweet, mellow, smart, obedient, loving, and well-mannered.  I am so grateful that he is here!  Guess what else?  He keeps Shabbat too!  He is laying at my feet as I type this!  =)

Shabbat Shalom, my friends!

Meet Driggs Finley Deyoji!





Driggs and Little Bear

Olive Oil from Israel

I am SO excited!  I just placed my first order for olive oil from Galilee Green.

I had a dear friend recommend it to me.  She has been using it and loves it.  They have an automatic shipment that comes every 90 days right to your door.  I know the value of a quality olive oil, so rather than risk getting diluted oil at the store, I am ordering this.

This is from their website:

Enjoy our Premium Boutique Olive Oil

canOur Galilee Green Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is among the finest you can find anywhere in the world. The olives are lovingly harvested from Olive Groves in Northern Israel.

It’s a mild blend of Barnea, Coratina and Koroneiki varieties. Each of these varieties are grown and harvested here in the Galilee and nurtured by the waters of the Jordan River. It’s very smooth and mild when you taste it with just a bit of a tang a few seconds later. You’ll love its delicate fragrance.

chatam soferYou can trust you’ll be getting 100% pure Olive Oil, and it is certified kosher under the supervision of Rabbi Shlomo Didi of local Kinneret-Emek HaYarden Rabbinic Council as well as Chatam Sofer of Bnei Brak. It is supervised Kosher which means that the olives are only picked from trees that are over three years old and all Biblical tithes are taken.  The olives are  brought directly to the olive press the same day. As part of the Kosher supervision, the machines are washed and cleaned before our oil is cold pressed.

And here is a video about how the oil is made:

What type of oil do you use?  Do you have a favorite olive oil?  Share with us in the comments!



Meet the Animals


Ricky is almost 16 years old – which is very old for an outdoor cat.  He is a retired mouse hunter.  In his younger years he occasionally came home with battle scars, one of which gave him a permanent drool and a piece of his ear is missing.  Freddie sometimes brings him his food now, to honor him.  Ricky is every farm’s dream cat.


Freddie is 13 years old.  He is probably the most mellow cat I have ever known.  He befriended our first German Wirehair when he was bedridden with a tumor on his leg and they remained friends until death separated them.  Our current German Wirehair loves him.  Freddie worked out a trade – he lets the dog chew on him and the dog lets him eat some of his dog food.  It works well for them.

At Valerianos (13)

Little Bear is 11 years old.  This is not a recent picture, he is a little more gray now, but still just as cute and full of energy.  I never thought I would own a little dog because they are yippy and nervous, but this guy breaks the mold.  He is like a member of the family and we still fight over who gets to sleep with him at night.


Cooter is my husband’s hunting dog.  He loves to hunt birds and although he sounds ferocious when he hears the UPS man or the propane delivery truck, he is a very loving and sweet dog.  I don’t think he has a mean bone in his body.

This is my daughter’s beloved kitty, Bamboo.  Twice in his 2 years of living here, he has gone off on adventures and we thought we lost him.  He is SO sweet and so beautiful, that we thought for sure someone decided to keep him.  Thankfully both times he also came back – mysteriously looking very fat and healthy.  =)  I guess we will never know…  He has a permanent purr and is dearly loved.

We also have goats.  If you want to meet them, visit our Nigerian Dwarf Goat website.

We plan to have chickens/chicks again this spring.  We sold our previous flock to travel out of the country and I miss having them around!