Hanukkah Ideas

promo292887055I thought I would include here some resources for Hanukkah that I have run across.  Some of it is information and history and some is activities!  I hope you find it helpful!

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Hanukkah Information

Hanukkah – Feast of Dedication


To celebrate or not to celebrate, that is the question.

Actually, HOW to celebrate…

In the past, we have had a hanukkiah and dreidels, eaten fried foods and lit the candles each night.

A friend is thinking of celebrating/studying the 7 days of creation, 1 each day and then not sure what on the 8th day.

I  believe the origin of Hanukkah itself is *not* pagan and is ok to celebrate.  I LOVE to celebrate and there is very little left that does not have pagan origins.  I don’t celebrate any Hallmark holidays, birthdays, etc.  But I would like to celebrate Hannukah this year!

Here are the facts according to the historical accounts in Maccabees:

  • They celebrated for 8 days
  • they lit the Menorah on the first day
  • There was a military victory

The dreidel is a traditional added later and said to be in remembrance of  when the Jews were secretly playing a game with the gambling piece (the dreidel) that taught them Hebrew letters and ways.


The gifts were added even later to make the celebration more like xmas.

The Miracle of the Oil is pretty much known to be legend and myth.  Here is what Josephus has to say about the miracle of hanukkah:

The “miracle of Hanukkah” refers not to burning oil but to the gaining against all odds of the freedom to worship and to follow ancestral customs

Here is some more info I found in a search today:


I’m curious as to what you all do?  Suggestions?  How do you feel about Hannukah?  The dreidel, hanukkiah, miracle of the oil, gifts, etc?

Tis the Season

I don’t know about you, but I am getting SOOO excited about the coming celebrations this fall!  Maybe it’s because today feels autumny  (is that a word?)

This is my favorite time of year, hands down. Starting with the first crisp air, and harvesting from the garden, the crunchy ground, the falling leaves and colorful trees, the cheerful fire in the wood stove  and yes, even the snow.  But the absolute best part of autumn is Sukkot ~ gathering with other like-minded followers for a week of praise, study, fellowship and fun!  That’s what I’m talking about!

We’ve been casually looking at various places to go this year, but suddenly it’s just around the corner.  I think we need to make a decision in the next week!  I would love to hear what each of you are doing this year for the Feast of Tabernacles.

I’m also excited to tell you what I’m going to be studying over the next several days, particularly on Sabbath.  It was referred to me by a dear friend and I’m really looking forward to it with great anticipation.  Check it out with me and let’s discuss it together – comment here!


I apologize for not posting as often lately.  I have been super busy with my home business. I’m planning to be busy through the end of the year and then slowing down a bit.  I’m so thankful for this opportunity.  It has made so many things possible for us!  All credit card debt is paid!  We were able to go out of the country for 3 months last year.  We took a 2 week trip to PA to a family reunion,stopping to visit folks along the way.  None of that would have been possible before.  Also we paid off our mortgage last year.  What freedom!  All praise to YHWH for His provision!

A Day of Rest

Oh how I love Sabbath!  Refreshment of the soul, of the body, of the mind…  I guard it carefully and look forward to it with anticipation each week!

I thought it would be fun for everyone to share what they do on this special day?  How do you set it apart?  What kind of meals do you eat?  Do you stay home and rest or go visit others?  What is your favorite thing about Sabbath?  Do you have a favorite teacher you like to listen to?  A favorite version of Scripture?

I will start.  We set the day apart first of all by not working.  We don’t wash dishes unless we run out, we don’t bake or cook from scratch, we don’t do any housework except putting the dishes neatly on the counter.

Our usual meals are cold cereal for breakfast (that’s a treat we only have once a week) and salad or sandwiches for lunch.  Sometimes we will  start a chicken in the crock pot the night before and then snack on that all day.  We usually try to have a special dessert and some chips too.  All things that we don’t normally have during the week.

We stay home 2-3 weeks out of the month.  I just find it more restful.  The other week we will drive to visit other couples or families that we know and spend the day with them.  We love doing that too!

My favorite thing about Sabbath is resting.  I don’t understand why anyone thinks that is a burden.  =)  It is such a PLEASURE!

At this time we don’t have a favorite teacher, but in the past we have enjoyed Rico Cortes, Test Everything, Zach Bauer and others.

Please share with us!  I am so excited to hear all the responses!  Make it as long as you want!


What is Leavening?


When we first began this journey 6 years ago I had no idea what we were in for! I’m so glad everything was not revealed at once because it would have been so overwhelming! Can anyone relate?

Like many others we saw the traditions and errors of christianity and jumped right into the traditions and errors of Judaism.

It has been a continuous process of questioning, studying, learning, changing and then starting all over again. I used to feel like I knew all the right answers. Apologetics it was called.   I had the verses memorized and the words were ready to be said at any moment. Now I wonder how I could ever have all the answers. Even the simplest thing like what is leavening must be questioned and researched!

For the first years that we kept the Feast of Unleavened Bread we searched the entire house for any crumb of bread, any box of food with yeast in it, gave away our yeast, etc. It was lovely to have the house so thoroughly cleaned once a year, but then something occurred to me that made us do things differently this year.

Yeast only leavens if it is added to other ingredients. Also bread that is baked no longer has active yeast. If you leave out a jar of yeast or a piece of bread, it is not going to leaven anything.

HOWEVER, there is a type of leavening that would be able to do this. It’s called sourdough. If sourdough is left out, even without adding anything, it will create leaven. In fact, if water is added to flour and left out, it can also create leaven. I believe THIS is what we are to remove from our house! Yes, we could also rid the house of all yeast and yeast bread… but those are not going to do any leavening on their own.

This year we did throw out or give away our yeast (we don’t have much any more, we are trying not to use it as much these days), yeast breads and crackers and we cleaned out the toaster and some basic cleaning, but the main thing we did was use all the sourdough so that there is no *live* leavening in the house.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this!