Definitions and Names

As you read through this blog you will notice that many words used may be different than what you are used to.  This is because I believe that words are extremely important.  I have a post dedicated to this subject, but will attempt to cover it here in detail.

Why do I change names?

I call the Creator by His name, YHWH, because it separates Him from other deities and is one way of showing Who it is that I worship.

I use the name Yehushua instead of Jesus because it is the Jewish name He was given by YHWH Himself.  Yehushua means “Salvation is from YHWH” in Hebrew.  It is such a beautiful name and not common, as Jesus has become.

I have changed the titles I use for Scripture in order to avoid misunderstanding their use.  The phrases “Old Testament” and “New Testament” sound like one is outdated and has been replaced by the other.  I prefer to use Scripture, Tanach, Torah, Gospels, Letters, Writings of the Nazarenes, or other terms that specify without making obsolete.

Rather than call myself a Christian, which today is a very ambiguous term, or Messianic, which also encompasses many different belief systems, I prefer to say simply that I follow the Messiah and seek to obey Scripture.  It is sad that the words Nazarene and “Followers of the Way” have been changed from their original meaning in the book of Acts as that would seem to be the best way of identifying myself, with Yehushua the Nazarene.  Although there is some comfort in identifying with a certain group, labels seem to be divisive and can be a source of pride.  For me, not being directly identified with one certain group allows for YHWH to lead according to Scripture and not a set of doctrines that I feel I must conform to for whatever reason.  For those who would like to know who I am: it is my hope that my life reflects that of my Creator and my Messiah.  I am in a continuous process of discovery on what is involved in being His follower/disciple and that is my utmost desire.


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