Chickens were our first introduction to farm life.  It was probably about 17 years ago that someone was getting rid of their flock and we volunteered to take them.  Little did we know how much pleasure could come from this small creature.

Up to this point we have had a variety of breeds, including Black AustralorpRhode Island RedBuff Orpington, Golden CometAmeraucana,  Easter Eggers,  Barnevelder, Silver SeabrightBlue AndalusianSilver-laced WyandotteGolden Seabright RoosterBlack Cochin Rooster, Black Mottled Belgian d’uccle Bantam Hen, Mille Fleur d-uccle Bantam Rooster, BB Red Bantam Rooster

There are still several breeds I am interested in trying as well, such as Silver Spangled Appenzeller Spitzhaubenz,  Silkie BantamCackle French Black Copper MaranWhite Leghorn, Welsummer, Golden Polish, Whiting True Blue, White Frizzle Cochin

We welcome any feedback you have from your own personal experience with any of these breeds.

Below is a photo of some egg colors we hope to see with our new flock!